Primal Instincts.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Bill rants at dinner, Hope turns Liam down, and Bill makes a suggestion to Liam.

Primal Instincts. image

At Bikini Beach, Brooke, Ridge, Bill, and Katie continue their double date. Bill refuses to let the topic of Liam's love life go and announces that Hope needs to back off. Bill urges Ridge to agree with him, but Ridge just wants more alcohol. Bill and Brooke continue to bicker about the situation while Katie tries to get Bill to drop it. He insists that what Hope and Liam have is puppy love, and she's avoiding being in a full-fledged relationship. Brooke calls for the check and Ridge spills wine on her. Bill watches Brooke dab her wet shirt and fantasizes that she's undoing it seductively. He shakes his head and goes to get the car. When he returns, Katie tells Bill that Ridge wants to do this again soon. Everyone looks miserable.


At Hope's place, Liam appeals to her to move in with him tonight. They kiss and he tells her how beautiful he finds her. Liam takes her hand and says, "Let's get out of here!" She laughs and kisses him some more. Hope then says she wants to go with him, but she wants to stick with her values. She muses that they could sneak around behind closed doors but she'd know she was letting down the girls who look up to her. Liam says he loves her for who she is. She talks about not giving her body to the man she loves until she's married. Liam assures her he gets it. Brooke and Ridge come in. Brooke tells Liam they had a nice dinner with his father. Liam shudders. Hope walks Liam to the door and tells him soon they'll be going to their home together. After, Hope and Brooke talk. Hope tells Brooke that Steffy was with Rick earlier, and Liam may have been jealous. Brooke doubts it. Hope tells Brooke that Liam wants to be together now. Brooke asks Hope what's stopping her, and suggests she could adapt to the situation. Hope protests that Liam understands why she's waiting.


Liam gets home and finds Bill waiting for him. Bill notes Hope's not with him - he didn't think she would be. Liam wants him to go. Bill tells him how important it is for a man to never sleep alone. He talks about primal instincts. Liam says Hope is worth waiting for. Bill reminds him he's still married to Steffy - he suggests Liam call her and tell her to come over and be a wife to him. Liam looks out the window deep in thought.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill tries to make peace with Liam.

Brooke advises Hope how to save her relationship with Liam.

Steffy won't give in to Rick because she still has feelings for Liam.

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