Barrel Of Monkeys.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Liam and Rick argue, Brooke and Katie double-date, and Liam issues an invitation.

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At Bikini Beach, Hope accuses Steffy of using the six month waiting period to come on to Liam every chance she gets. Steffy points out that she hasn't done that, and says it's not her fault Liam is jealous. Across the room, Liam tells Rick not to play Steffy. Rick thinks he sounds a bit too protective for someone getting a divorce. Liam says he'll always look out for Steffy - they're friends. Rick muses that she's his friend too - with benefits. Meanwhile, Steffy and Hope continue to bicker. Steffy informs Hope that she'll remain Steffy Spencer until the day she dies. Liam and Rick approach. Rick tells Steffy he'll take her back to the loft. Liam is surprised she's not staying with Taylor. Steffy ribs Hope about not living with Liam. Rick and Steffy leave, and Liam looks tense.


At home, Brooke gets a call from Katie confirming their double-date with their husbands at Bikini Beach. Brooke hangs up and Ridge asks hopefully if Katie canceled. He tries to get Brooke up to the bedroom, but she insists they go - she'll make it up to him later.


In her room, Katie hangs up from Brooke. Bill complains about having to eat dinner with Ridge. Katie tells him it's a small price to pay, and they kiss. Bill tries to get out of it, but Katie won't let him.


Brooke and Ridge arrive at Bikini. Katie and Bill join them. Katie crows, "This is so much fun!" Ridge intones, "Barrel of monkeys." Bill and Ridge order triple scotches. Talk turns to Forrester, and Bill asks about Steffy. Ridge says she's miserable. Katie says she'll get over it. Brooke and Katie talk about Hope's campaign. Brooke says she's doing things differently than her mother. Bill quips, "What, you didn't wait until you got married, Brooke?" The women think what Hope's doing is great. Bill thinks the cooling off period is good for Liam. Ridge agrees. Brooke and Bill argue about whether Hope is right for Liam.


Liam brings Hope home. She tells him their parents are double-dating. He grimaces. They bicker about Rick and Steffy for a bit and then make out. Hope wishes they were married. Liam invites her to get her things and come to his place - they'll start their lives together right now.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope considers whether to take her relationship with Liam to another level.

Bill's advice stuns Liam.

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