Wild Ride.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Stephanie calls Brooke a hypocrite, Liam calms Hope, and Steffy and Rick go out.

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In the studio, Steffy tells Rick he is full of himself. Rick says she used to love him, and vows not to give up. Steffy says he's trying to con her, and challenges him to take her out and wine and dine her.


Liam brings Hope some chamomile tea in her office to calm her. They debate about Steffy signing the papers. Hope says she made a joke about it and is messing with their lives. Liam wishes everyone would stay out of their business. He suggests they go to Bikini Beach. Hope muses that Steffy fell for Rick once - it could happen again. Liam looks uncomfortable.


In her office, Brooke tells Stephanie they obviously don't see eye-to-eye. She argues that Rick's heart was in the right place. Stephanie replies that Rick doesn't have a heart and accuses Brooke of being hypocritical by condoning his behavior. Stephanie points out that it won't hurt Liam and Hope to wait six months. They discuss Hope's abstinence policy. Brooke says Liam's supportive. Stephanie muses that Liam has six months to sort out his feelings - she may be surprised. Brooke and Stephanie continue to debate. Stephanie says if Brooke won't keep Rick away from Steffy, she will.


Rick and Steffy arrive at Bikini Beach, with him complaining about her wild driving. She says he took her for a ride earlier - or thought he did. They banter about their attraction - she says it's strictly business between them. Hope and Liam come in. Liam seems disturbed to see Steffy with Rick. Hope wonders if they're on a date. She tells Liam they almost got married before. Steffy spots them, and Rick tells her he'll get some beers. Liam approaches Steffy and apologizes for Rick trying to manipulate her and asks why she's there with him. Steffy realizes Liam is jealous. Rick approaches Hope, who urges him to come through for her. Liam returns and Rick goes. Hope doesn't tell Liam what she said to Rick. Steffy and Rick argue about who will pay. Steffy is still rattled over seeing Liam and Hope. Rick apologizes for messing with her when she's hurting. Liam sees them hugging. Rick goes to pay, and Hope confronts Steffy about refusing to let Liam go. Steffy says she signed the divorce. Hope says she's trying to do something significant for Forrester and to get on with her life. They bicker. Hope says Liam wants out. Steffy says he feels obligated toward Hope - this is far from over.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Bill warily agree to join Katie and Brooke on a double date.

Liam confronts Rick about his motives where Steffy is concerned.

Hope and Liam are at odds when she defends Rick and he defends Steffy.

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