Monday, February 20th, 2012

Rick realizes he was played, Stephanie learns of Rick's plan, and Hope argues with Liam.

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At Forrester, Hope takes the annulment papers from Rick, who says Steffy signed them right in front of him. Liam wonders why she'd do that. Rick brags that he simply reminded her that Liam's not the only guy on the market. Brooke and Hope wonder how soon, and where, she and Liam can be married. Liam wants to make sure it's legit. Rick looks at the papers and tells Hope he's sorry - Steffy punked him. Rick leaves, and Hope complains to Brooke that six months is forever. Liam tries to calm her down. Brooke thinks Rick may still have a chance. Liam isn't comfortable with him manipulating her. Hope gasps that he is defending Steffy and orders him to do something. Brooke exits and Hope tells Liam she can't live like this. Liam tells Hope that Steffy isn't as shallow as she thinks. Hope asks what that means. She says Steffy is being spiteful and trying to ruin everything. They argue heatedly about Steffy. Hope rants that Steffy is controlling them like puppets. Liam grabs her and says he loves her.


In the studio, Stephanie joins Steffy, who fills her in on Rick giving her a new set of annulment papers to sign. Stephanie hopes she tore them up. Steffy says, "I signed them." Stephanie laughs when she explains she signed, 'Loser', which is exactly what Rick is to think she'd fall for his scheme. Rick storms in. Stephanie wonders if he came to apologize. Rick tells Steffy he thought they had an understanding. Stephanie snaps at him to stop the charade. Steffy speaks to Rick alone, and tells him his plan is not going to work - he overplayed his hand. She tells him to put his efforts into the intimates line. Rick asks her again to let Liam go. Steffy tells him to drop it. Rick wonders why she wants to sit around with memories for six months when she could be with him instead. They bicker about Liam. Steffy isn't sure she can work with Rick - his ego won't fit in her office. Rick says they could be great together.


Stephanie finds Brooke in her office and tells her to call off Rick. She says whatever he has in mind isn't going to work - Steffy still loves Liam. Brooke says Rick's trying to get her to move on. Stephanie scoffs that he's not her friend.


Alone in her office, Hope phones Rick and begs him to get Steffy to sign the papers. He says, "Soon."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy issues a challenge to Rick.

Hope confronts Liam regarding lingering feelings for Steffy.

Brooke and Stephanie realize history is repeating itself.

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