Here We Go Again.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Bill makes a suggestion, Katie talks to Hope, and Rick puts his plan in motion.

Here We Go Again. image

At Forrester, Hope and Rick discuss the situation with Liam. He hints that Steffy might change her mind, and tells her he's working on the intimates line now. Katie appears. Hope leaves, and Rick tells Katie this won't take six months - more like six weeks, if that. Katie teases him about being cocky, and warns that if he's too transparent, Steffy will catch on.


At home, Steffy learns from Liam over the phone that the divorce papers were filed this morning. He asks if she'll be okay. She tells him not to worry about her and hangs up.


Bill appears in Liam's office and says, "You just told Steffy, didn't you?" Liam confirms it. Bill says you can't blame Steffy for not wanting an annulment. Liam says he doesn't blame Steffy for any of this, but Bill's another story. Bill says he didn't know Steffy wouldn't sign the papers, but he's glad she didn't - he thinks if Liam's honest, he's glad too. Liam says he's ready to marry Hope and Bill should stop pitching Steffy to him. Bill suggests he move in with Hope for a trial run then. Liam reminds him about Hope's abstinence. Bill replies, "Here we go again." He insists over time, Liam will want more than Hope can offer.


Marcus enters Rick's office and asks him about working with Steffy. Rick hints that he's happy about it. Steffy listens at the door as Marcus suggests Rick tell her how he feels. Rick says she'd laugh at him, and asks Marcus to keep it quiet. Marcus leaves and Rick smirks. Steffy enters and asks if he really meant any of that. Rick pretends to be embarrassed and flustered. Steffy grins, "Do you still have the hots for me?" Rick says he doesn't hate her, they'll leave it at that. He turns away and smiles. Steffy is suspicious of how out of the blue his feelings are, but recalls he did love her once. Rick says he was a jerk then, and they banter. Steffy tells him she loves Liam. Rick pretends to be disappointed, and gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


Katie catches up with Hope at Forrester and they discuss Liam. Hope admits she wants a wedding night even more than a wedding. Katie says they're already committed - she doesn't need a paper to love Liam that way. Hope says she can't pretend - it goes against everything she believes in. Katie tells her things might change.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope meets some young ladies who look up to her.

Steffy tells Liam she believes they will get back together.

Brooke has concerns about Rick's plan.

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