What Am I Going To Do?

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Liam faces a hard decision, Nick appeals to Pam, and Donna spills the beans.

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In Bill's office, he appeals to Liam not to punish Steffy, adding that he can't expect Steffy to be honest if he can't even be honest with himself. Hope thinks Bill's not being honest with himself about why he wants Steffy close. She tells Bill to support them and be happy for them, and his secret will be safe. Liam and Bill bicker. Liam tells Bill he won't expose him, but removes his sword necklace. Bill says he's still his father. Steffy says she's still his wife, and loves him. Liam says he loves her too, but can't deny his love for Hope. He tells Steffy they're separated. Steffy says she'll give him the space he needs, and exits. Bill follows and says that was incredible. Steffy says her father walked out on her, and he walked out on her - she wasn't going to let Liam walk out too. Steffy says she loves Liam more than she's loved any man. In the office, Liam tells Hope he's not sure he can keep working with Bill. He marvels at Bill letting Steffy think she could die - she must have been so scared. Hope says Steffy's still scared; she's terrified of losing him. Liam sighs, "What am I going to do?" Hope wonders if it's too late for them, or is it just the beginning. They kiss.


At Jackie M, Pam tells Nick she wants to confess - she can't go on like this! Nick says this sort of thing is fairly normal in the fashion world. Pam is upset at betraying Stephanie. Nick says she doesn't have to confess - it's Donna's word against hers. Pam asks what he's talking about. He tells her Donna knows. Pam becomes frantic; this is the revenge Donna has always wanted. Pam wants to get to Stephanie before Donna does - she takes off.


At Forrester, Brooke tells Donna about Liam, Hope, and Steffy. Donna says she knows who stole their designs. Brooke asks, "Who?" Donna explains that she saw Pam and Nick on "Let's Make A Deal." As Brooke is saying Nick and Pam couldn't have been a couple, Stephanie enters and asks why they're talking about her sister. Donna tells her about the game show appearance, and Brooke asks if Pam had access to Eric's designs. Stephanie realizes what they're implying and begins to protest. Pam enters. Stephanie tells her Donna and Brooke thinks she stole the designs. Pam launches into an explanation about how angry she was at her after the split with Stephen, and Stephanie holds her head. Pam says Nick made her feel good again, and they made a deal. Pam asks Stephanie to try to forgive her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam is taken aback when Katie changes her point of view on Steffy.

Steffy and Ridge discuss her marriage.

Hope and Steffy talk about the tough position Liam is in.

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