Witch Hunt.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Bill tells Katie to stop, Hope visits Steffy, and Donna realizes the truth.

Witch Hunt. image

Liam is dismayed to see Katie appear in his office. He begins telling her Bill couldn't have caused Steffy's blood clot when Bill appears. Katie says it's remarkable that Steffy got a clean bill of health and then they conveniently found a blood clot. Liam leaves. Bill tells Katie her witch hunt needs to stop. She walks out.


Hope pays Steffy a visit at home to drop off work. Steffy admits she doesn't feel sick and is puzzled that she has no symptoms. Steffy asks about Cabo. Hope admits her relationship with Liam is unresolved. Steffy asks what happened while she was unconscious, but Liam arrives. He convinces Steffy to go rest. Hope tells Liam she asked about Cabo, and may suspect something. Liam sighs, and says Katie is suspicious too - she thinks Steffy's condition may not be real. Liam says Steffy would never fabricate a life-threatening condition. Hope says he's right. They hug.


Nick, who's at his office, calls Donna on the boat to see if she wants company. She says she's getting a cold and plans to catch up on some Daytime TV. Nick panics, thinking she might see him on "Let's Make A Deal."


Donna is surprised to see Nick appear on the Shady Marlin. She announces she's about to watch "Let's Make A Deal." When Nick and Pam appear on the screen, he tries to distract Donna, but Pam's lemon bars give it away. Nick cowers on the sofa as Donna turns to him and gasps, "It's you!" She asks why he would associate with Pam, but eventually figures out that Pam is the one who stole the designs from Forrester for them. She asks what Pam's getting out of the deal, and realizes Pam is in love with him. It suddenly occurs to her that Pam is also behind the strange things that have been happening to her. She cries, "Why did you do this?" Nick protests that Pam was lonely and just needed a little affection. He apologizes for hurting Donna and says he loves her. Donna cries that he's not who she thought he was - this breaks her heart!


Katie brings the MRI to a female doctor she knows and asks her to confirm that Steffy's condition is as serious as they believe. The doctor looks at it, and grills Katie on how she got it.


Bill and Justin are in his office when Alison appears to tell Bill the MRI is missing. Bill realizes Katie took it, but he's not concerned - it shows the blood clot on the brain.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Bill have a heated confrontation when she finds the answers she was looking for.

A struggling Hope receives advice from Beverly.

Bill makes an admission about Cabo to Justin.

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