Let's Make A Deal.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Ridge and Brooke confront Rick and Amber, Nick and Pam go on a game show, and Katie grills Liam.

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In his office, Rick asks Brooke to keep his secret. Brooke says she can't keep this from her husband. Rick pleads with her. Brooke tells Rick he should cut Amber loose. Rick defends Amber who also makes an appeal to Brooke. Ridge enters. He confronts Rick about trying to fool him. Rick says he wanted his ideas judged on their own merit. Ridge says as long as Amber's involved, there's no room at Forrester for Rick's designs. Rick asks to speak to Amber alone, and apologizes to her. She urges him not to let Ridge stop him, and says she'll be cheering him on. Rick insists he's not letting her walk away. He says, "Stay with me. We can make this happen."


Pam shows up in Nick's office with a box of costumes to try on for their stint on "Let's Make A Deal." He cringes.


Katie joins Bill in his office and tells him she's wants the truth about whether Liam wanted to leave Steffy in Cabo. Bill says Liam never said those words to him. Katie points out the convenience of Steffy's blod clot. She goes into Liam's office. Alison listens as Katie finds out that numerous calls were made from Bill's office to Cabo. Liam appears. Katie grills him about wanting to leave Steffy for Hope. He says he's not leaving Steffy - she could have a stroke. Katie nods knowingly. She suggests that Bill and Steffy may be faking her condition. Liam is exasperated. Katie rants about Bill being obsessed with his marriage. Liam feels she may have it backwards, and tells her to stay out of it. She leaves.


In Bill's office, Alison tells him about Katie's inquiries. Justin warns she might be onto him. Outside, Katie spots a large envelope marked 'MRI', and takes it into the elevator.


At "Let's Make A Deal," Pam is dressed as a fisherman in a grey beard and yellow slicker, and Nick's dressed as her lobster! Wayne Brady kicks off the show asking for a couple in love. Pam goes berserk behind him and drags Nick up out of his seat. She hugs Wayne and tells him Nick is 'quite a catch', laughing uproariously. They get $1000, and have to decide whether to keep it, or trade it for what's in the box. They trade and win a lover's trip to Paris! Nick grimaces. Pam gives Wayne lemon bars from her tackle box. Wayne then says they can trade the Paris trip for curtain number three - the Seven Seas. Pam thinks it could be a yacht and trades. It's an old shipwrecked boat behind the curtain. Nick and Pam are good sports about it.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill grows uncomfortable with Katie's quest.

Nick tries to make things right with Donna.

Liam defends Bill.

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