An Itching Feeling.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Pam pranks Donna, Owen tells Jackie how he feels, and Rick agrees to claim the designs as his own.

An Itching Feeling. image

At Amber's place, she tells Rick that with his concepts and her sketches he could become the next CEO of Forrester. Amber talks about what an amazing businessman he is. Rick muses he's never been able to become CEO due to his inability to design like his dad and Ridge. Rick asks Amber why she's doing this - he wonders if she'll try to seduce him or take advantage somehow. Amber insists she just wanted to do something wonderful for him, but admits she does miss fashion, which runs in her veins. She says it's win/win - she can support her little girl, and he can get ahead at Forrester. Rick decides to take the designs to his meeting at Forrester. Amber is thrilled and kisses him.


In her office, Jackie chews out an employee for putting itching powder in a model's slip. Pam overhears. She says she is looking for Nick and guesses he's with Donna. Pam asks Jackie to level with her - is she being used? Pam rants that she was stupid to think she could have Nick. Jackie says their agreement wasn't just about Nick - Pam always has a home at Jackie M. Owen enters and panics. He says they can't be seen together or it could destroy the company. Pam frets that she should stop stealing designs - too many could get hurt. Owen backtracks and tells Pam she's saving the company. Pam just wishes Nick had feelings for her. Jackie laughs that it's not like Nick is pursuing Donna or anything. Pam says she has an 'itching' feeling that he won't either. Pam goes, and Owen tells Jackie it's great to see her back on top. Jackie thanks him for talking Pam down, and she fills him in on Donna and Nick. Owen tells Jackie that he's not over her - he misses her. He'll always care about Bridget, but he wants their life back - he wants to stop the divorce. They kiss.


On the Shady Marlin, Donna and Nick indulge in a kiss. Nick fixes something on the boat, and then talk turns to her getting covered in egg nog by Jerry the elf. Nick feels bad about it, saying Jerry wasn't himself that day. Things starts to turn passionate and Nick wants to pull the bed out. Donna puts the brakes on, saying they need to do this right. Pam watches from outside as they breathlessly say goodbye. Pam then puts itching powder in Donna's nightgown on the clothesline. Donna puts it on and Pam watches and laughs as Donna starts to scratch like mad.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie, Brooke, and Eric watch Rick's presentation.

Jackie and Owen look back on their marriage.

Thomas is on the hot seat when Hope and Liam ask for answers.

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