Second Chances.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Amber cooks for Rick, Beverly puts Jackie on notice, and Nick sings for Donna.

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At Dayzee's, Jackie tells Nick that Pam should be part of their celebration. Nick says it's too risky. Nearby, Beverly tells Dayzee about Rick. Rick enters and she waves to him. At Jackie's table, she tells Nick that she doesn't want Owen and Bridget's relationship to be impacted by what they're doing. She acknowledges that Donna seems to make Nick very happy, and she wants that more than anything. Meanwhile, Beverly chats up Rick. She says it's great to see him outside of the office. He agrees. Beverly walks over to Nick and Jackie and tells them she's the one who was blamed for stealing the designs - she vows to figure out who did it. She returns to Rick, who is impressed with her nerve. Dayzee approaches Jackie and Nick's table and asks Nick to participate in open mic night. He agrees reluctantly. Jackie starts texting.


In Brooke's office, she, Katie, and Donna discuss Nick. Brooke raises the issue of him stealing their designs. Katie admits she convinced Donna to give him another chance. Donna says she's falling for him fast. Brooke says what he's done speaks volumes about his character - she's surprised Donna would give him a second chance. Katie muses that people do crazy things when they're desperate. Brooke thinks if Nick felt remorse, he'd tell them who stole the designs. Donna gets a text from Jackie to meet her at Dayzee's. Brooke decides to go with her.


At Amber's house, Marcus tells Amber it looks like she's preparing for a date. He wonders who the lucky guy is, and she tells him Rick Forrester. Marcus remarks that a lot of girls at work like Rick. Amber mentions her run-in with Beverly. Marcus doesn't think she's a threat. He jokes with Amber about cooking dinner for Rick, suggesting she order in. Amber laughs and tells Marcus how she's always wanted a second chance with Rick.


Nick takes the stage at Dayzee's as Donna arrives. He looks at her as he sings. Brooke glares at Jackie. When Nick finishes, Donna walks up to get a kiss. Marcus arrives with Rosie and Dayzee takes her. He tells her about Amber's big date with Rick.


Rick arrives at Amber's house. She tells him she has something to show him before dinner. Amber pulls out some designs. He loves them, but says Forrester won't hire her back. Amber says the ideas are his - she just finalized them up a bit. She tells him to imagine taking his rightful place at Forrester as Eric's son.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick has a few doubts about Amber's business ideas.

Pam asks Jackie about Nick.

Owen opens up to Jackie.

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