The Bird Is Burned.

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The Logan sisters cook Christmas dinner and the Forresters come together to celebrate.

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As Katie prepares to leave home, she tells Bill she can't believe he is making her go alone. He remarks his gift to the Forresters is staying home.

Thomas and Hope stroll through the Farmers Market. Hope acts giddy over all the Christmas decorations and finds a sad little tree that needs rescuing.


At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Stephanie inform Felicia and Thorne that the Logan ladies are cooking since Pam won't be there. As Eric greets Taylor, Steffy notes Thomas isn't there and thinks he must be with Hope. Steffy cheerily greets Katie. Taylor pulls Katie aside and hopes she can try to treat Steffy like family. Taylor then tells Steffy she has to work at getting along with Katie. Ridge notes Steffy is beaming and hopes the new year will be a great one. As they embrace, Taylor smiles. Liam calls Bill to ask why he isn't coming to the Forresters. When he hangs up, a hovering Ridge wonders if he was talking to Hope. "You're married to Steffy, don't ever forget that," Ridge solemnly reminds Liam. Ridge wishes him a Merry Christmas and saunters off. Stephanie pulls Brooke aside and thanks her for celebrating Christmas with her after the year she put her through. Brooke tells her that she loves her and they have a lot of good to do in the world together. Stephanie begrudgingly admits she loves Brooke, too. Brooke squeals in delight and hugs her.


In the Forrester kitchen, Donna and Brooke are disgusted by the turkey. Brooke can't believe Stephanie took her up on her offer to cook. Donna is disgusted by the idea of removing the neck and giblets. They hope Katie arrives soon to rescue them. Katie arrives and helps get the girls on course, until they realize Donna set the oven to full broil and the turkey is ruined.


Back out in the living room, Hope and Thomas arrive with Dayzee and Marcus. Hope and Liam look wistfully at one another. Steffy wishes Hope a Merry Christmas and hopes they can get along, at least for the day. Hope wishes for the same thing. As the family gathers around the table, Ridge begs for them to bring out the bird. Brooke admits they burned the bird. Everyone is relieved when Bill arrives with a cooked turkey. Stephanie makes a speech about how fortunate she is to be there alive with all of them. She wonders why it took her so long to realize how great Brooke is. Eric asks for everyone to join hands and says a Christmas blessing about forgiveness. After dinner, the family gathers around the piano to sing Christmas carols.

Spoilers for Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Cabo San Lucas is the location of romance and drama.

Brooke is suspicious of Taylor's motives when she asks her to support a Thomas/Hope pairing.

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