You Have Me.

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Hope confides in Thomas, Liam digests Steffy's confession, and Taylor supports her daughter.

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Still at Forrester, Steffy tells Liam she was wrong to lie, but they can't lose each other. Steffy says the truth is that Hope never loved him the way she does. Liam asks why, in Aspen, she assumed he'd run back to Hope - why didn't she have faith in what he felt for her? Steffy explains that she knew his feelings for Hope hadn't gone away overnight. Liam asks Steffy what love really means to her, and then walks out of the room.


In his office, Thorne and Taylor discuss the events in Aspen as told to her by Steffy. Taylor knows it sounds bad. Thorne says soon Hope will know the truth as well. He notes that Steffy is a survivor, like Taylor, and that he would bet she and Liam will make it - just like them. They kiss.


Taylor arrives at the Malibu house to check on Steffy, who says she told Liam everything, and now they'll have to see if he can still live with her. Taylor hugs her. She tells Steffy that Liam will love her even more for having the courage to come clean.


At Forrester, Thomas shows Hope some sketches. She loves them, remarking on the sweetness and innocence of the designs. He looks at her and says he was inspired. Hope talks about her feelings - she wonders if it will ever get easier to forget about Liam. Thomas puts Hope in front of the mirror and asks how she sees herself. She's unable to respond, so he tells her he sees a beautiful, young woman whose voice is helping counteract a society obsessed with instant gratification. He thinks the impact she's making is awesome, and advises her to leave the Steffy and Liam drama behind her. When Thomas says she's special, Hope debates the point. Hope says she was sure she'd marry Liam, but now he's married to Steffy. She's not sure what she has anymore. Thomas says, "You have me." Hope wonders if Steffy trapped her in the gondola. Thomas doesn't know, and says Steffy wouldn't confide in him if he knew how he felt about Hope. He tells Hope he admires the woman she's become. He says Liam didn't understand her choices, but he does. Thomas tells her she's important to him, and has changed his life. They kiss. Liam opens the door and then ducks out. Hope leaves the office and Thomas spots Liam. He tells him to leave Hope alone.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Amber has an offer for Rick.

Liam feels pulled in two directions.

Steffy is worried about her marriage.

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