Age Gracefully?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ridge goes to the reception, Brooke advises Hope, and Eric and Stephanie argue.

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Eric presents Stephanie with a gift to celebrate her clear scan - it's from the intimates line. Stephanie clearly isn't impressed. Eric peppers her with questions and tells her he hasn't done anything wrong - any other woman would have appreciated the gift. Stephanie says, "Like Brooke or Donna?" She tells him when they have a doctor's appointment that confirms she won't be dead by the end of the year, then he can seduce her. Eric says she's using her condition to keep them in separate beds. Stephanie admits she wants to stop him from touching her, and him wanting her to touch him. Eric says it's normal human nature. Stephanie offers to get him a puppy for affection. Eric won't let her make him feel ashamed because of his needs and desires. He asks her again to wear his gift. Stephanie tells him that chapter in their lives is finished. She suggests that it's childish for him to have this death grip on that part of his life - he should age gracefully. Eric still thinks it's normal to crave that type of love with your wife. He asks, "What if I'm not willing to go without?"


Liam and Steffy chat with Taylor at Bill and Katie's house. Steffy tells Taylor that the decision to get married made sense since they both were ready for it. Taylor tells Steffy to let Ridge know.


At home, Ridge tells Brooke he missed a call from Steffy. They debate the topic. Ridge muses that Hope did break up with Liam. Steffy calls him. She tells him Bill and Katie are having a reception for them, and she'd like him to come. After he goes, Brooke talks to Hope and urges her not to let Steffy get away with what she's done. Brooke says she needs to tell Liam how she feels - it's never too late. Hope says she doesn't want to fight, but Brooke explains that there is too much Liam doesn't know. Hope agrees - she has to see Liam.


Ridge arrives at the reception, where Bill booms, "We're in-laws again. Give me a hug!" Liam tells Ridge he's sorry about what happened with Hope. Ridge asks to speak to Steffy alone. He asks her why it had to be the boy that Hope was going to marry. Steffy says he saved her life, and Hope changed her mind. Steffy knew she loved him, and when he told her he loved her back, everything made sense. Ridge embraces her. He acknowledges the glow in her eyes, and tells her never to doubt his love. He goes back in. Brooke and Hope pull up outside and Brooke instructs her to avoid Bill and Steffy and go straight to Liam. Hope walks up to the house and encounters Steffy, who asks, "What are you doing here?"

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge makes a surprising decision.

Brooke confronts Steffy.

Eric talks to Rick about Stephanie.

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