Let's Do It.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Hope watches Liam's wedding ceremony, Taylor and Brooke argue, and Katie confronts Bill.

Let's Do It. image

At Forrester, Brooke is anxious to hear what's happening in Aspen. Taylor pours coffee and they begin bickering again about who Liam truly wants to be with - Hope or Steffy. Taylor says Hope is repressed and tried to send Liam a message that she wasn't really ready through her Hope For the Future campaign. Brooke says when Hope gets to Liam and explains why she overreacted, everything will be right again. She stresses that Liam won't turn his back on his commitment to Hope. Taylor reminds her that Hope broke their engagement and Liam is now committed to Steffy.

On the plane, Rick takes a call from his friend in Aspen, who is glad Hope is on her way up the mountain to meet Liam. The pilot appears and Rick tells him to add Liam Spencer to the manifest for the return trip home.


Katie enters Bill's office and finds him tossing back whiskeys with Justin in honor of his son's engagement. Smiling, Katie says he must not have heard - Hope's in Aspen. Justin exits, leaving Bill and Katie to argue about what will happen in Aspen. Bill wonders if she's really concerned about Hope or if she's upset about something else. He adds that he supports Liam and Steffy's engagement simply because he supports his son. Katie challenges Bill on keeping their location hidden from Hope. Bill says if Hope found Liam he'd be forced to hurt her - no one wants that to happen. Katie calls his bluff - he didn't arrange this vacation to spare Hope's feelings. Bill argues that the press will vilify Steffy and Liam - he had to protect them. Katie rails at Bill about Steffy - does he just want to keep her close? Bill grabs Katie by the face and says he realized what their marriage means to him, and Steffy is good for Liam, but not for him. Katie says she'll never accept her into their family.


On the mountain top, Steffy asks Liam to marry her while Hope protests unheard in the stopped gondola. Liam tells Steffy they can't just get married, but she urges him to be spontaneous, and suggests that they just do it. Bill's TV station associate, Ramona, appears with a minister. Liam stammers, grins, and asks if they can really do this. They assure him it's legit. Steffy tells him how much she wants to be his wife. Liam says, "Let's do it." Hope struggles to be heard in the gondola. The ceremony begins, vows and rings are exchanged, and Hope cries in the gondola as she watches Liam kiss his bride.

Spoiler for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Ridge wonder what is happening with Liam and the girls in Aspen.

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