Top Of Ajax.

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Rick enlists a friend's help, Liam heads to the top of a mountain alone, and Bill calls in favors.

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At Brooke's house, she tells Katie that Hope and Rick are on their way to Aspen - she's going to get Liam back. Brooke insists that if Liam would have known Hope was ready to move in, none of this would have happened.


On the Forrester jet, Rick assures Hope they'll be in Aspen soon. Rick phones a friend of his in Aspen and asks him to track down Liam and get him alone. Rick tells the guy to say these words to Liam, "Don't give up Hope. 3.00 PM, top of Ajax, go alone." Rick learns they may be diverted due to cross-winds, but reassures Hope.


In Aspen, Steffy gets a call from Bill warning her that Hope is on her way and is determined to get Liam back. Steffy hangs up as Liam appears and suggests they go for a drive through town. They stop for truffle french fries and discuss all that's happened. Steffy says Hope just wasn't ready. Liam doesn't want to talk about her. Liam sees a blonde girl and thinks it's Hope for a second. Steffy watches warily for signs of Hope. When she steps away from the table, Rick's friend spots Liam and delivers his message, leaving Liam stunned. Steffy returns to the table and wants to go back to the house. Liam says he wants to ride the gondola, so they split up. Steffy murmurs to herself, "The top of Ajax. It's the perfect place."


On the jet, Rick gets confirmation from his friend that his message was delivered to Liam. Rick tells Hope as they get ready to land. Rick wishes Hope luck as she disembarks. Hope takes ride in a cab that doubles as a recording studio to the mountain.


Justin joins Bill in his office. He reminds Bill that Spencer TV has connections in Aspen. Justin says the announcers, Oliver and Ramona, are as loyal as they come. Bill tells him to make the call. They get Oliver on the phone and Bill tells him his son and fiancee are there, someone is looking for them, and he doesn't want them found. He implies that Hope is a stalker. Bill calls Steffy and learns that she and Liam aren't together. Bill frantically warns what will happen if Miss Chastity Belt finds Liam. Steffy says she has a plan.


Liam rides to the top of Ajax in the gondola, wondering if the message could really have been about Hope. He thinks about her dumping him over the phone. Once at the top of the mountain, Liam looks around.


Steffy is shopping for a white dress when one of Bill's TV announcers, Ramona, approaches. Steffy enlists her help. On her way to get on the gondola, Steffy spots Hope lining up. She says, "Oh no."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope tries to find Liam in time.

Steffy needs Bill's help.

A newly-married couple make love.

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