Friday, August 5th, 2011

Taylor tells Ridge about Steffy's affair, Katie confronts Steffy, and Bill is held accountable.

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At Steffy's loft, Bill tells her he's going to be with his wife. He says Katie needs him to help her get well. Steffy says she doesn't mean to be selfish. Bill says she's not, and he's sorry. He reminds her this is an extraordinary situation so he doesn't want her to feel he's let her down. Steffy complains that he can't even say when he'll next see her. Bill says he has to go. She tells him she loves him for doing the right thing by Katie, but she can't wait to start their life together. Bill kisses her forehead and goes.


At the hospital, Katie gingerly makes her way across the room and to get her clothes and coat. She perches on the bed and recalls Liam and Brooke's conversation about Steffy. She calls a cab and then watches until Liam and Hope are out of the way before walking to the elevator.


At Forrester, Taylor tells Ridge about Bill and Steffy's affair. Brooke walks in as she is telling him she told Katie about it. Taylor admits she's known about Steffy pursuing Bill for some time, but she didn't think anything would come of it. Ridge wonders why he's just hearing about it now, and Brooke comments about her sister winding up in the hospital fighting for her life. Taylor defends her position. Brooke says Bill will stay with Katie now. Taylor worries that Steffy will be hurt. Ridge nods. Brooke says it's exactly what she deserves. They argue. Taylor talks about Steffy feeling abandoned, but Brooke cuts her off, saying Ridge did not leave her. Ridge can't stand the idea that Steffy will be ripped apart because Spencer dumped her.


Katie arrives at Steffy's loft. She informs her that Bill will not be back in her home - he's not leaving her. Steffy says it wasn't personal, and she's sorry she had a heart attack. Katie notices Bill's visitor's pass from the hospital on the table as she's telling Steffy that he is done with her. Steffy says she's sorry, but that's not the impression she got. Katie says he must have come to tell her he wouldn't be back. They call each other out, and Steffy tells Katie she knows Bill promised to stay with her, but she's fine with that - she'll wait.


Bill arrives back at the hospital to find Hope, Liam, and the doctor looking for Katie. She appears and the doctor wants to look her over, but she snaps that she wants to talk to her husband first. In her room, she confronts him about going to Steffy's place. Katie informs him that he's made promises to both her and Steffy, and she wants to know which one of them he's lying to - right now.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill must make a decision.

Ridge apologizes to Steffy.

Nick has a request.

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