In The Big Leagues.

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Bill tries to pay Amber off, Steffy returns, and Bill and Katie view a property.

In The Big Leagues. image

At the trailer, Amber tells Bill she's not afraid of him. He warns she's in the big leagues now that she's dealing with him, and is in way over her head. He adds that her game is lacking in subtlety - it's clearly a ploy to get money. Bill wants to know what her price is - perhaps five hundred grand? Amber counters that 18 years of child support for a Spencer baby is worth more than that. He seems about to strangle her when Katie calls his cellphone. He agrees to meet her to check out the house in Malibu. Bill gives Amber another dire warning before leaving.


Hope walks into Ridge's office and speaks to the back of his chair. The chair spins around and it's Steffy. Hope isn't thrilled to see her. Steffy assures her she's not going to make a play for Liam. Hope barely reacts, and tells Steffy she's got a lot going on right now. Steffy offers an ear. Hope blurts that Amber is pregnant with Liam's baby. She explains the circumstances, and Steffy then asks what it means for her and Liam. Hope doesn't know. Steffy muses that she wouldn't believe Liam's story, except she knows what a good guy he is. They talk about Amber having to deal with Dollar Bill Spencer. Steffy says she and Bill are cut from the same cloth, and they will both do anything to protect their families - there's no way he'll let Amber get away with this. Hope points out that there's not much he can do, but Steffy thinks Amber is underestimating Bill; he will get the upper hand.


Brooke knocks on the trailer door and goes in to talk to Amber. She confronts her about stealing Hope's happiness from her. She reminds Amber that she may have succeeded in getting the free ride she was looking for, but now she'll have to contend with Bill Spencer. Brooke keeps going, and Amber tells her to stop. She says Bill already tried to buy her off today, but she's not going anywhere, and neither is her baby. Brooke warns her to stay away from Hope, and to watch out for Bill, before leaving.


Bill meets Katie at the property in Malibu. They briefly discuss Amber. Katie feels they should let their attorneys deal with her, but Bill intends to handle her himself. Katie asks him to focus on the house for now. Nick greets them by telling them it's the best place in Malibu. He steps away, and Katie appeals to Bill, saying this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nick rejoins them. He warns about the cliff edge being dangerous and very high up. Bill imagines Amber standing on the edge of the fatal drop!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy reveals she has her eye on someone special.

Hope confides in Oliver.

Amber receives guidelines for interacting with Liam.

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