Naughty Cigar Smoker.

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Stephanie has cancer survivors come and share their stories with Nick, and Owen reassures Jackie about Nick's situation.

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Actress Kathryn Joosten arrives at the Forrester Mansion where Stephanie introduces her to Nick. They begin talking about cancer. Kathryn warns that therapy is important because cancer patients can become depressed. Kathryn shares that she is cancer-free at this point, but will continue getting tested every three months - the stress is ongoing. She talks about facing up to the possibility of dying. Stephanie appreciates her coming and sharing. Kathryn mentions the therapy again before leaving. Another cancer survivor arrives. He's a doctor who was diagnosed four years ago. He had a spot on his lung and a cat scan showed advanced lung cancer. He describes telling his kids about it. Nick is moved and begins to ask questions. The doctor warns about exposing Jack to second-hand smoke. The next survivor to arrive also had lung-cancer, and was not a smoker. They agree that having a gallows sense of humor helped get them through. An opera singer is the next to drop in. Stephanie announces that Nick is a naughty cigar smoker. Together, they tell Nick that the spot is a sign. The opera singer tells her story - she had no symptoms and never smoked, so was taken completely off guard. Before she goes, she sings some opera and pleads with Nick to stop smoking. Once alone, Nick thanks Stephanie and they embrace.


Owen and Jackie smooch in the office. She says she's glad he doesn't smoke. He comments that many people with lung cancer have never smoked. He adds that Nick cares about what's happening to him, but doesn't want her to know he does. Jackie frets that she is pushing Nick away with her concern. Owen says Nick will only quit when he makes the decision on his own. Owen says he would be defensive in Nick's position as well - Jackie and Stephanie are making him feel he's bad. Jackie says he's not bad, he's addicted to the nicotine, and she just wants to express that she cares. Owen says he has a good feeling that he'll hear some stories today that will help. He says Nick needs to hear about fear, love, loss, and especially hope.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold And The Beautiful:

Nick's still getting cravings to smoke.

Aggie hears about the spot on Nick's lung.

Brooke and Bill discuss Liam and Hope's relationship.

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