Less Stressed?

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Donna and Justin support Marcus, Thomas makes Ridge a promise, and Nick asks Aggie to spend Christmas with him.

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Thorne and Rick help out behind the scenes at the Taboo fashion show. Taylor heads backstage to wish Thomas luck. Ridge is going over things with Thomas, and tells him he's proud as Brooke listens. Whip stays back and watches with a grin. Donna arrives and tells Marcus she's looking forward to seeing him model. Justin comes in and watches them with a smile, before joining in. Donna says Marcus is handsome - just like his father. Jarrett stands with Thomas, Whip, Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke. He confirms his exclusive and talks about taking photographs. A man comes to take Brooke and Thomas to see Thorne, who shows them a list which tells where each person is to change. Whip takes note. Brooke and Ridge take a moment to talk - he mentions being surprised to see Whip since they had an argument earlier. Brooke thinks everyone will feel less stressed after the show.


Nick comes home with his son and they greet Aggie who is wrapping presents. Nick asks her if she'd like to wake up there on Christmas morning with them. She says there's no place else she'd rather be. When Aggie takes Jack upstairs to prepare for bed, she returns to find Nick snooping in her shopping bags. Jack comes back downstairs and they put him on the laptop to write a letter to Santa. When Nick takes him to bed, Aggie decides to call Whip.


Whip takes a seat in the audience beside Taylor and informs her he spoke to Ridge about interfering in their marriage. Thomas's voice announces the beginning of the show. Donna and Justin beam and clap as Marcus comes up the catwalk. Whip tells Taylor he has to take a call from Aggie and nips backstage. He tells Aggie that Ridge has been messing with his marriage and he needs a serious wake-up call.


Nick comes back downstairs at home and Aggie mentions being worried about Whip, who is having issues with Ridge. Nick sighs. Aggie says Whip isn't going to put up with it anymore. They cuddle, and Aggie tells him how excited she is about Christmas this year. They kiss.


After hanging up with Aggie, Whip hangs around behind-the-scenes of the Taboo line. As Thomas promises Ridge no scandals tonight, Whip takes Thorne's list and gets a devious look in his eye. He swaps out some outfits as the show continues. Meanwhile, Jarrett heads backstage to get some candid shots. Thomas comes out of one the dressing rooms - his suit is missing! Brooke goes into another dressing room and Thomas bursts in as she's changing. Jarrett catches them half-dressed, but exits quickly. Whip, however, gets a picture with his cellphone!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Thomas make a decision to keep something that happened backstage from Taylor and Ridge.

Hope is worried about Liam.

Oliver rebuffs Amber's attempt to seduce him because he's determined to reunite with Hope.

Ridge sees the photo from backstage on the Internet.

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