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B&B Breakdown for August 31 – September 4!

This week was all about couples working things out.

Owen and Jackie’s reunion was sweet, but I was a little thrown by Steffy’s appearance at the beach house. It doesn’t seem to be an issue though since she went to Jackie to tell her to fight for him. I guess that could change and an attraction could grow between Steffy and Owen, but for now I’m not worried about it. I’m just puzzled as to why Steffy cares so much about Owen and his love life all of a sudden. Did I miss this great friendship they share?

Brooke and Ridge’s reunion was a little more cheesy than sweet. That whole slow motion running down the beach scene was really too much. Why did Brooke park so far away from Ridge? Couldn’t she have driven up to him instead? And do we really think Brooke would have seen the heart carved out in the sand from the jet? Thorne was right when he warned his brother, the plan should not have worked. Regardless, I am glad Ridge choose Brooke, because in my opinion Taylor wasn’t a really a contender. I don’t have anything invested in either couple, but Brooke and Ridge really are the couple of the show. They have been literally since day one when Brooke set her sights on him at the party she was working. Besides, Ridge said he needed time to think, but never shared a scene alone with Taylor, but he had plenty with Brooke. Decision made.

I wonder what they will do with Taylor now. She doesn’t have anything to do outside of mooning over Ridge, so I don’t think she would be missed if she was written out. After this, I really don’t see them going back to this triangle again (at least I hope not), so why not send her on an extended trip to make room for other characters?

I found it interesting that in one scene, Steffy revealed that she and Rick were over and she’s cool if her parents don’t get back together. Both those things have been her driving force as a character for the last several months and they were both wrapped up in a couple of sentences. I know this is only a half hour show, but I think more needed to be done to resolve both those storylines for her.

So, is that it for Stephen and Beth? I guess they were just brought back so Brooke had a reason to leave town, but that probably could have been a conversation done over the phone, or been a plot point done in passing, which would have given us more time to see Steffy get over her parents not being together or break up with Rick.

I really enjoyed Nick looking out for his mother this week. He’s been funny, compassionate, and snarky. All the things I love in a character. Now he just needs something to do in his own storyline.

That’s it for me this week. What did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts on B&B with below!

- Lori Wilson