Aaron D. Spears Talks to Soaps.com About The Bold and the Beautiful! image

Aaron as Justin (The Bold and the Beautiful)

Soaps.com reporter, Deanna Barnert hit the red carpet at the 2009 Daytime Emmys and talked with several soap stars before they went into the show. One actor she spoke with was Aaron D. Spears, who recently joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful and will begin airing September 14.

As for who his character is, Aaron explained, “I'm going to be playing Marcus' father. My character is Justin Barber, senior executive of mergers and acquisitions. That's a cutthroat profession to begin with, but he's also working for Bill Spencer!”

He continued, “I may want to become a family man, with the revelation about my son, but it's going to be interesting. It's going to be a different dichotomy.”

Calling everyone at B&B ‘supporting’ and ‘welcoming’, Aaron shared, “I've worked with [Marcus], Donna, Katie and of course Bill Spencer, so I'm in good company. I also started at a great time: I come in for the show, get announced, hit the fan event and now I'm here at the Emmys, we're up for Best Show, we're going to win!”

And win they did. Not a bad way to start one’s career in Daytime!

Soaps.com looks forward to seeing Aaron hit the scene and can’t wait to find out how Justin’s relationship with Marcus will pan out.

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