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B&B cast (Deanna Barnert/

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Fans get Bold and Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful fan luncheon August 29 was a festive, intimate afternoon of laughs, clips and hanging with the stars, not to mention a respite from the heat that's been burning up Southern California!

John McCook was master of ceremonies, introducing the cast member one by one and keeping things light.

"I cannot be funnier than he is," Diamont complained when he got to stage. "So I'm only going to say hi to everybody. So grateful to be here." Winsor Harmon claimed to be speechless with emotion – anyone who's met him knows that says a lot! – while Patrick Duffy took a picture of the audience. "Because of the people who play my daughters, my wife doesn't let me come out unless I can prove I'm actually here," he quipped. "You are now my alibi." Lesli Kay, who is returning to As the World Turns but may continue to show up on B&B from time to time, hated having to follow funnyman Duffy. "I like when he follows me!" she laughed. "I just want to say thank you guys for being here and supporting Bold and the Beautiful. It's an amazing show. They've been amazing to me and thank you for supporting daytime in general, because we need to keep it on the air."

As imagined, many actors walked in to the B&B show theme, but some castmembers were introduced with personalized theme music. Rick Hearst, for example, bounced to stage to the Devo '80s anthem "Whip It," while Lesley-Anne Down prowled up to some electronic jungle beats. For Jack Wagner, it was his own song, "Going Back Again," and he even sang a few bars once he got to stage. Jennifer Gareis's music, the "Price is Right" theme song, only served to remind her that she still hasn't seen her prizes. According to Kyle Lowder, hwoever, even with the fun music, "That was the longest, most uncomfortable walk ever!" For the last intro, McCook brought up a "minister" and said "I now pronounce you man… and… horse." That gave way to the gallop of hooves and Katherine Kelly Lang burst into the room screaming, "Hold it right there padre: There will be no wedding today!"

"I didn't have my line perfect," she laughed when she got to stage. "Looking forward to having a wonderful day and getting a chance to say Hello to each and every one of you." With that, McCook had everyone onstage, except Ronn Moss, who was busy handling Emmy business and preparing for his wedding; Hunter Tylo, who would show up fashionably late; and one surprise guest (hold on, that's coming).

"We all depend on you so much," he concluded. "We're so grateful that you're here today and you watch our show every day. Thank you so much. We all depend on each other so much, too, to do this work. If we didn't trust and love one another, it would be very hard to do, so I introduce to you the best cast in daytime television! Let's all sit down and get something to eat, and we'll see you soon." Before he joined his costars for lunch, he took a minute to also introduce behind the scenes players like head honcho Brad Bell, but the show wasn’t over.

Moments later, Texas Battle returned to stage to squelch the rumor about his character's dad by revealing the real story. "What I would like to do is introduce someone to you, a man who is definitely going to shock you," he teased. "He plays Justin Barber and his name is Aaron Spears. He will be playing my real father!" The crowd went wild as "Dad" came to stage. Aaron, whose character is also Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Spencer Publications, said a quick hello and then stuck around to meet fans at the signing.

After, it was clip time, which turned out to be a blast. First McCook handed the mike off to "Kill"(Katie/Bill) and Y&R transplants Heather Tom and Don Diamont raved about all B&B's Emmy nominations this year. "We’ve got a great chance of winning Best Show and Best Writing" Heather said, before giving fans a chance to watch the show's emotional Best Show Emmy submission, which climaxed with Storms suicide.

Jack Wagner and Ashley Jones were next up. "We thought we'd lighten it up a little after that," Wagner said, and the Blooper reel sure did it for us.

Hunter Tylo arrived next, a bit flustered from a run in with her ex, Michael Tylo. "I got up, got ready to go, got the girls ready to go with their father and low and behold, Guiding Light has a party today also!" she shared with fans. "So their father said it was my weekend: I say it was his weekend. We went back and forth and his girlfriend got out of the car. She was this blonde bimbo… I know it was all set in motion by the Guiding Light people, so I forgive all you rookies for what you ever said. I love you all and I'm not going to be in 'Playboy,' by the way. I want to let everyone know that. Well, I'm sorry - some guys, who may not like that. So happy to have you for the day and I can't wait to meet and talk to each and every one of you!" Truth be told, fans weren't sure what to make of some of what she said, but were thrilled with her honesty and responded with both applause and a few I love you's.

Lesley-Anne Down and Brandon Beemer took the stage next, and she teased, "I'm going to do the talking, and he's going to take his shirt off." We weren't that lucky, but we did get to watch a hysterical spoof video about how B&B stayed running during the writers’ strike a few years back. With some Twilight Zone musical touches, we saw John McCook in Susan Flannery's wardrobe, Lesli Kay as the hottest mail girl in town and Susan Flannery working the front desk of the B&B offices. We also caught Jack Wagner in his room, rocking out to his own tunes and staring at his own pictures.

Script revisions were done in crayon drawings and head honcho Brad Bell had been demoted to CBS security guard. He had the gall to ask a star for an autograph and took a slap from Lee Phillip Bell, his mother and B&B co-created.

Next, Alley Mills stepped up to offer desert: lemon bars of course! Jennifer Gareis was quick to warn they could have dangerous "special ingredients," but Alley insisted they were touched with nutmeg, instead of poison. "She may be Beautiful, but I'm Bold!" Alley teased Jennifer. "It's a real pleasure to work with her, but she is not the smartest card in the deck." "At least I'm not trying to kill people," Jennifer cooed.

After the two faux spared, we watched a wacky reel about the Pam's lemon bars and then top secret preview reel.

Yes, we learned of things to come, but we were sworn to secrecy. All I can share is Heather Tom's preview that: "There's lot so exciting stuff coming up with Bill and Katie!"

After that, it was over to the autograph room and time for some face to face time! Clearly, this was what the fans were waiting for - laughter, photos, and autographs.

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- Deanna Barnert