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After discussing the 2010 Soap Cruise with Don Diamont, the conversation of course veered over to The Bold and the Beautiful, where he began playing Bill Spencer, Jr. shortly after leaving his two decades long role as Brad Carlton on The Young and the Restless. How are you enjoying playing Bill so far?

Don Diamont: I absolutely genuinely love this character. Little did I know that on the other side of Brad being killed off Y&R, that on the other side this character was waiting. It is an absolute thrill. I am indebted to Brad (Bell, executive producer for B&B) for coming up with this character and giving me the opportunity to play him. Was it strange taking on a new role after playing Brad for so long?

Don: It was strange from the standpoint of walking into the same building and going across the hall and playing this other character. I don’t mean it was difficult, it was just kind of funny to be walking into that same building I walked in all those years and getting ready to walk on the set and play another character, but incredibly exciting. As I’ve said, when Brad told me about the character and we sat down and had a meeting and began fleshing this guy out, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into him. He’s certainly been fun and has infused a different energy into the show, which has been nice to see.

Don: He’s definitely different than anybody else on the show. No doubt about it. And quite different than Brad. A lot of time actors take on different roles, but they don’t quite differentiate between their characters. I found that Bill was totally different.

Don: It was quite important to me and obviously to Brad as well, that we weren’t just putting a different name on Brad Carlton and plugging him into the show. I wanted him to be…even physically, even his look, I wanted him to be a vast departure from what I had played on Y&R. Again, Brad came up with a wonderful character and we were able to talk about his physical appearance, the way he dresses, the facial hair, his hairstyle, even his jewelry, all of that stuff. Brad came up with this really interesting character and fortunately he allowed me to have a lot of input in terms of his physical appearance as well. I’ve been just thrilled and so happy that’s he’s been so well received in the press. And with fans too I think. They’re responding quite well…

Don: Yeah, yeah for sure. I didn’t meant that fans aren’t. Sometimes the fans do and the press doesn’t or the press does and the fans don’t. In this case it’s been across the board; he’s been a real big success. And now Bill is hooking up with Katie, which I think has been good for both characters. How have you been enjoying working with Heather Tom who you worked with for years on Y&R?

Don: I could not be happier. I always had so much respect for Heather as an actor since the day she walked on the Y&R set at 14 or 15 years old, whatever she was. She just hit the ground running way back then. She’s just so gifted and such a nice person and so much fun to work with. She takes her work very seriously, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously and that’s always a good combination. I could not truly, genuinely, be happier. Is there anything you can share about what’s to come for Bill?

Don: I don’t know much about what’s to come. We’ve been on hiatus for five weeks. I’m sure he’s going to be mixing it up with Forrester and doing his thing. I don’t think he’s going to be suddenly tamed because of the relationship. That’s good to hear because that's part of the fun.

Don: It’s my hope he brings Katie more into his world. That’s my hope.

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- Lori Wilson