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Soap actress’ happy baby news.

Soaps.com is excited to report that The Bold and the Beautiful actress, Karla Mosley (Maya Avant Forrester) is expecting her first child with boyfriend John Rogers. Mosley accepted B&B’s GLAAD Media Award for karla-mosley-baby-bump-glaad-bb-maya-sdOutstanding Daily Drama on the evening of Thursday April 12, which honored her character’s transgender storyline, and was sporting a noticeable baby bump and a rosy glow at the 29th annual event. The actress is due in late summer and posted on Instagram, "We are bleary eyed just back from the desert, but it seems the secret is out . We are extremely grateful for the well wishes as we wait to meet our sweet little nugget this summer!" Mosley will go on maternity leave July 4.

Mosley struggled with an eating disorder in the past and recently opened up about her experiences, which dated back to her childhood. She was able to trace the origins of her illness, and explained, “My disordered eating was focused on the bodies I saw around me and on TV. I don’t think I understood until recently that what I was trying to erase was the ethnicity, the culture I also longed to be part of.” The actress, whose eating disorder peaked during her dance career, is now recovered, and stated, “I had to learn to challenge beliefs that I didn’t know were disordered because they had been with me for so long.” She also shared her strategy for coping in the present, and said, “When a feeling or thought comes up that in the past could have been destructive, I now look at it. I write about it or dance it out. I pause, I meditate, I throw love on it. And I watch it change.”

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Soaps.com is thrilled that Karla Mosley is happier and healthier than ever now, and extends congratulations to her and John Rogers as they anticipate bringing their new son or daughter into the world with a due date of August 10.

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- Candace Young