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B&B Breakdown for the week of July 6!

B&B had a nice balance of drama and comedy this week. We got two lighthearted stories, Nick fuming over his mother’s marriage and the fashion show, intermixed with the drama of Brooke and Ridge breaking up so he could reunite with Taylor.

Ridge and Taylor enjoyed a drug free interlude after their kids set up a romantic dinner for them poolside. While Ridge’s return to his family was supposed to be sweet and lovely, which it sort of was, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Thomas and Steffy are adults and should probably be living on their own. Steffy told her dad she loved knowing he was down the hall from her, but shouldn’t he be down the street from her instead? Both Thomas and Steffy are probably earning a decent salary at Forrester (Thomas does work there now doesn’t he?) and they are adults (Steffy was going to get married for goodness sake), shouldn’t they move out of their parents house already?

Brooke was a little confusing this week. She broke up with Ridge so he could move on and be happy, but told Stephanie her and Ridge would never be over, then told Ridge she should never have urged him to go back to Taylor and then said they were going in different directions so they couldn’t be together. She was kind of all over the map, which I guess happens when you’re that emotional, but it was a little puzzling.

I appreciated the scene where Rick came to his mother offering to go back to Forrester International in order to make things easier for her with Ridge. It was a little too late, but he actually seemed genuine and not as smarmy as he usually does. I thought it was a nice mother son moment, except that it was done in her bedroom, which only reinforced the unhealthiness of their relationship.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, Thorne and Felicia quitting Forrester Creations didn’t create more screen time for them. Along the same lines, it was great to see Rocco on Friday in a brief scene, but even though he interacted with Donna, they have yet to discuss their past together or even acknowledge they know each other. Not to mention the fact that we haven’t seen him since he came back months ago. Bill was on again and it looks like he and Katie will be starting something, which better happen because while I can live without seeing Thorne, Felicia or Rocco all the time, there is no excuse to not use Don Diamont considering they just brought him on and he’s fantastic as Bill.

Nick and Bridget continued to charm me this week, but he needs to stop letting his mother’s wedding interfere with his alone time with his wife. I am enjoying Bridget's reactions to him though because she definitely seems more confident and secure than before and doesn’t let Nick get away with his ridiculous behavior. They are also funny and for once seem to be on solid ground.

Forrester’s fashion show also provided some comical moments, such as everyone at Jackie M gathering around with pizza and beer to watch it. We also got to see Bill flirt some more with both Donna and Katie, which is always fun and of course Pam poured honey all over Donna. The most amusing thing to me though was that they pulled that fashion show together without actually doing any work. Eric’s been busy trying to keep his company out of Bill’s clutches, Rick has been busy trying to keep Steffy (in the few scenes he’s actually been in), Ridge hasn’t been in the office in weeks due to his personal life and Brooke, Thorne and Felicia just left the company. How exactly did they find time to pull this off? I know it’s a world of fantastical make believe, but a little bit of reality mixed in with fantasy would be nice.

That’s it for me this week. I look forward to next week, as according to the spoilers there will be more of Bill, and Whip returns. Can’t wait!

- Lori Wilson