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B&B Breakdown For the Week of June 29!

This was quite an enjoyable week on B&B! Even the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor drama interested me and I think that’s because Ridge and Brooke had something to argue about aside from Rick, such as him sleeping with Taylor. I think Ridge only mentioned Rick’s name once or twice and it was a much-needed break!

My only complaint about their scenes is that Ridge told Brooke he slept with Taylor like it was no big deal. He seems to have a habit of not groveling or really apologizing; he just matter of factly tells Brooke what happened and then assumes they'll move past his indiscretion. However, I loved Brooke’s eventual reaction to his confession. It was so mature and adult and un-soap like. She actually realized that she and Ridge couldn’t be together because of Rick and that in order for Ridge to really heal from Phoebe’s death, he would need to be away from her and go back to the calming influence of Taylor and their kids. Of course, Taylor’s got those good drugs so he’ll have no reason not to be calm!

While I was so proud of Brooke for putting Ridge’s needs ahead of her own, I was kind of disappointed that Taylor so readily accepted him back. He was just trying to get Brooke not to leave him and admitted he would always love Brooke and Taylor just welcomed him back with open arms. Kinda pathetic.

Stephanie was even very uncharacteristically kind to Brooke this week. She genuinely felt bad for Brooke and even though the break up is what she’s been hoping for since day one, Stephanie didn’t gloat or throw it in her nemesis’ face. Instead, she empathized and consoled the woman she has hated for years. I didn’t really understand why she went back a second time in one day to talk to Brooke about it though. Brooke already left Ridge, she didn’t need to be reminded why staying away from him was a good idea.

The other big story of the week was of course the two couples in Hawaii, which I very much enjoyed. How about you? Share your thoughts about the Hawaii scenes in the poll on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan Blog.

Nick and Bridget have totally won me over this time around, which I chalk up to there being no immediate danger of him cheating on her with any member of her family. They are flirty and fun and have good chemistry, but if I were Bridget, I’d be a little upset that he was spending most of the honeymoon worrying about his mother and her boy toy, instead of the woman he just married.

I also thought Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) looked absolutely beautiful this week. Not that she doesn’t usually look good, but I found her to be exceptionally stunning.

Even though Owen totally pushed Jackie into the wedding, they seemed very happy and in love, which of course still creates a little bit of suspicion where Owen is concerned. Was he in such a rush to marry her because he wants to get his hands on her money? Or does he truly love her and just didn’t want Nick to ruin it for them? That’s still the question of the day, but for now, we’ll have to go along for whatever ride they take us on and watch as Owen uses his position as stepdad to get under Nick’s skin, which he no doubt will!

So that’s it for me this week. How about you? Feel free to agree or disagree with me below!

- Lori Wilson