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B&B Breakdown For June 15 - 19!

This week on B&B, Donna and Pam were on “The Price is Right” and I actually enjoyed their scenes. I didn’t think I would, as I thought they’d be too over the top and silly, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun they were. Donna’s reaction to her name being called as a contestant was hilarious and my heart broke at Pam’s reaction to witnessing Donna up on stage instead of her. Pam and Donna are great comedic foils to each other when one of them isn’t literally trying to kill the other. All in all, it was a good time and a great distraction from all the other drama on the show.

My only complaint about those episodes is that on Thursday, the entertaining scenes of Pam and Donna were intermixed with downers Ridge & Taylor and Rick & Steffy. That storyline brought all the momentum Donna and Pam were building to a screeching halt! It felt like an odd pairing of scenes and they should have stuck with the Nick/Bridget/Jackie/Owen story, which was sort of serious, but had moments of levity and would have complimented “TPIR” stuff much better. Or better yet, they should have had Bill in there trying to seduce Katie or Felicia or doing something else cad-like.

Speaking of, it’s been two weeks now since we’ve seen Bill! I am not happy about that. Why are we subjected to the repetitive dialogue of Ridge driving himself crazy over Rick, Taylor reminding him of their life together and Brooke and Stephanie bickering, instead of giving us a fresh new character who is interesting to watch and has chemistry with all the women he’s come in contact with so far? Bill came on so strong and to not see him for two weeks is a total let down.

While I’m enjoying Nick and Bridget, because they are keeping things light and flirty right now, I’m not so sure I think Bridget should be jumping into her third marriage with this guy. She’s barely had time to forgive and forget his relationship with Katie, how can she so readily trust that he won’t break her heart again? His proposal was pretty funny though: “What’s the worst thing I can do to you that I haven’t done already?” He’s got a point there.

As for the other engaged couple, I’m not sure if I believe Owen is really in love with Jackie and doesn’t just want her for her money, but I do like that Jackie knows the score and has no illusions about what drew Owen to her in the first place.

Which couple would you rather see get married? Nick and Bridget or Jackie and Owen? Chime in on the poll on our sister site Soap Opera Fan Blog.

Poor Taylor. She finally gets Ridge where she wants him – in her bed – but he’s drugged out of his mind. Is she the worst doctor ever? She can’t even tell when someone is hopped up on pills?

So that’s it for me this week. What did you think about all the happenings? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

- Lori Wilson