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"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the Week of May 11 - 15:

Candace is off this week so I'll be filling in on discussing "B&B," which solely revolved around Rick's proposal and the reveal of Maya's transgender status to everyone.

The story is gold.
Wyatt and Liam are more believable as brothers by the day, so it was nice to see Liam try and get Wyatt to scale back his initial happiness at getting the goods from Nicole and finally having what they needed for revenge on Rick. Of course, once papa Bill got his hands on the juicy info he was beyond giddy and it became very clear to see where Wyatt got that side of his personality. Katie and Liam were on the side of right and good as usual while Bill had fun filling Justin in on the news and cracking a few jokes. Katie was right that Rick deserved to hear the truth from Maya and not splashed in the news, but once Maya realized other people knew about it, like Brooke and Carter, she was taking a risk in Rick finding out not from her. Plus, there's some truth to what Bill said about Maya knowing she was open to any past wrongdoings coming to light because of her fame, and has had plenty of time to tell Rick. Do you agree? Vote in Soaps.com's B&B Poll: Did Maya open herself up to scrutiny?

So naïve.
Carter’s indignation at Nicole for telling Wyatt about Maya was really rich considering he had just told Ridge, arguably the worst person to tell. Still, like Candace mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown people finally starting to find out Maya's secret was kind of fun. And that only continued as word spread like wildfire. It was satisfying to see Nicole call Carter on his hypocrisy, but then Ridge came in and they both teamed up on her, her naivete and her "pretty little head." So condescending. The way Ridge dressed her down was beyond unappealing, and then he and Carter had to continue complaining about it like teenagers after she left. They started it!

Envy of all the fashion houses.
As much as Rick’s comeuppance is long overdue, it would have been so much more satisfying if it had been based on his own bad behavior and not Maya's sexual identity. Couldn't we get Eric overhearing him dress down the staff, or ordering Aly to rub Maya's feet? But now that Forrester is in damage control mode, Brooke’s blind defense of Rick is admirable only in that she’s his mommy - enough griping about people always undermining Rick . Gah. She was certainly right in insisting Maya tell Rick about her past before he proposed, but way off base when she and Ridge went running after Nicole to bully her about blabbing to Wyatt, like that would do anything to change the situation. Of course, it's hard to do damage control when they aren't even sure what they are dealing with yet.

Not your average Big Bear trip.
Rick really put himself in a vulnerable position when it came to Maya, building their relationship up to unattainable levels of happiness and excellence - no one could live up to those expectations! Add a sex change and who knows what his reaction will be once what Maya finally started to tell him sinks in. Maya’s eyes were about to pop out from the pressure of her keeping her secret. But when Rick got down on one knee and asked her to marry him in a gesture that was so heartfelt and touching, it really felt cruel of Maya to let him go through all that before telling him everything. Still, I'm not sure this is going to be a deal breaker for Rick and he'll probably even somehow find a way to gain even more leverage at Forrester because of it.

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- Hollie Deese