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B&B Breakdown for the week of May 18!

Overall, this week struck a nice balance between lighthearted fun and serious drama and definitely focused on my favorite characters and qualities this week. However, there were a few trouble spots for me as well.

Here's the breakdown:

Thank God Owen has Jackie to help him blow off steam because Bridget is a huge tease! I guess it all worked out though for them since Bridget and Nick got back together and Owen realized he really wants to be with Jackie, but that’s not at all how I wanted this story to play out. What happened to Owen wanting to have a future with Bridget? That was just last week! And Nick and Bridget again? Come on we’ve been down this road twice already. I really thought Owen and Bridget were the end game, or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

One thing I am completely happy with is that Bill is definitely shaking things up for the better on B&B! Even though he’s a bit despicable, I am loving the new energy and dynamic he is creating. His running into Katie drunk at the bar was fantastic. She was fun and he was sexy and I wouldn’t mind a pairing here, however, I think Bill has other fish to fry before he settles on one lady. If he ever does! One thing I know for sure, I will enjoy whatever ride he takes us on.

While we’re on the subject of Katie, I was happy that she took it upon herself to end things with Nick because she saw the writing on the wall, instead of her walking in on Nick with Bridget or having him break it off with her. It showed her in a strong independent light, something that’s been lacking from her character lately. Also, her going to the bar to get drunk was pretty funny and relatable and it was good to see her in a lighthearted scene.

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We got some Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Rick/Steffy scenes this week, but that story hasn't been as prominent lately, which I think is a good thing. It’s too much of a downer and it’s been too drawn out and I find I’m bored when they are on, wishing I could see more of Owen or Bill instead. I can only imagine how fun it will be when Rick Hearst comes back as Whip! Three new (or fairly new in Owen’s case) hot guys shaking things up? Bring it on!

Even though I’m a bit tired of the Steffy/Rick storyline, I do have two comments about it. I cannot believe Steffy would forgive him just because he made a cheesy DVD. He said vile things about her and her father and I would not be able to turn the other cheek so quickly. Have some self-respect! That said, Ridge and Brooke are acting like these two are in high school or something. Steffy and Rick are adults; they can make their own choices and see whomever they want to see. Deal with it.

Here’s my last thought: After Katie threw up in Bill’s bathroom and messed up her clothes, Donna wanted to give her sister her shirt and she would wear Katie’s coat home. This was obviously just a way for Donna to have to change in front of Bill, thereby creating more sexual tension. Even though she didn’t end up doing it, it just didn’t make any sense. Why couldn’t Katie have just worn her own jacket and Donna could keep her shirt on? It’s not a big deal, but I thought it was a ridiculously obvious contrivance.

A few issues aside, I am looking forward to a fun summer with these storylines and hope they don't disappoint!

So that’s it for me. What did you think about the week’s events? Share your thoughts with below.

- Lori Wilson