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Taylor's earrings from Domont on Sunset. (

Pam wears Laundry Shelli Segal. (

We’ve got another installment of wardrobe questions answered for you by B&B’s Emmy Award winning costume designer Birgit Muller.

Lauren B: I would like to know who makes the vest Steffy was wearing on the Monday, April 20 episode and where it can be purchased.


Bernadene G: Who designed and where can the black blouse with shear sleeves Taylor wore on April 29 be purchased?

A: Emporio Armani.

Lisa C: Where can I get and who designed the black sleeveless A line dress that Bridget wore on the episode that she met with Jackie for lunch to reveal she was the designer that Jackie was looking for?

A: Karen Millen.

Lea B and Lea G: Where can Taylor's earrings from the week of April 22 (open clover of diamonds with a stone on the bottom) be purchased?

A: Domont on Sunset.

Maria V: Where can the black pants with zippers on the front and sides of the legs Steffy wore on April 23 & 24 be purchased?


Donelia M: I'm interested in knowing the source of Hunter Tylo's wardrobe on the show. Please tell me if these clothes are available to the general public or if they are designed specifically for her.

A: Some are designed and some you can buy.

Maria M: Brooke has been wearing a lovely black blouse with white embroidery who makes it and where can I purchase one?

A: It is from ANAT B in Beverly Hills.

Esther E: I would like to know where I can get the black and white jacket Steffy wore on May 4th.

A: It’s possibly Bridget who wore the jacket, but either way, it is from Sacks by Nanette Lepore.

Irma D: Where can I buy the dress that Pam Douglas, Stephanie's sister, was wearing on May 7?

A: At Nordstrom by Laundry Shelli Segal.

Terry V:Who made the white sleeveless ruffled top with a black type choker trim that Katie wore roughly two months ago?

A: Karen Millen.

As always, please contact us with your wardrobe questions with as much information as possible, including the date, the character who wore the piece and details about the article of clothing you are inquiring about and we will do our best to get the answers for you!

- Lori Wilson