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Donut, baby? (CBS)

Liam and Ivy? (CBS)

"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of August 11 - 15:

It was all about who Hope would marry on "B&B" this week, and we got our answer. Thoughts:

Coffee and donuts.
Deacon is so sweet pursuing Brooke while just oblivious to the fact that he's a tad too pedestrian for her. Seeing him pace around the apartment swigging a beer and shouting at sports on the TV set definitely offset the differences between their worlds. And yet he's so sincere you can't help but root for him to catch a break.

She's back.
Quinn was up to her old tricks, pushing Ivy in the Seine last week, and then sat back and enjoyed her handiwork. It's too bad they took her beyond deliciously mischievous to downright dangerous because the character isn't as fun now; she's too dark. Case in point, after Deacon cracked the video code that seemed to implicate her in the murder of Ricardo Montemayor she pulled a gun on him. Yike!

Perfect together.
What else can be said about Ally's ongoing idol worship of Hope and her message? It seemed to peak early in the week as she went on and on to Oliver about Hope and Liam getting together in Paris. As mentioned in last week's blog, I so wanted Oliver to tell her to shut up about Hope. Therefore there was a bit of satisfaction in seeing Pam bring Ally the news that Hope had married Wyatt. Of course that prompted a verbal run on how Liam is a perfect gentleman...gah.

Ivy's guilt.
Um...Ivy didn't fall off the bridge on purpose so why does she feel guilty? She and Liam must have rehashed the same conversation about him being late to meet Hope about 15 times. Does me in.

Let's rock 'n' roll.
The one thing that's not clear is why Wyatt and his mother are both perfectly fine with him being a consolation prize, as it were. It's possible Hope truly wanted Wyatt deep down but wasn't admitting it to herself, but Wyatt plays it as he'll take her anyway he can get her, which is unsettling. Then again, that's always been the nature of these Hope and Liam triangles since the Steffy days. Everything is open to interpretation and enough questionable things go on that each fanbase can argue their side of things pretty convincingly. Breaking down what happened, Hope did wait beyond the bell tolling three o'clock (though not long), and Liam did waste a precious minute lying on the shoreline locking his gaze with Ivy's. Wyatt got the reprieve he'd been hoping for and went for it all the way, and Hope elected to put Liam in the past without so much as a phone call or text to check in. As Liam pointed out to Ivy, that says a lot. Ivy kissed Liam on the cheek, and Hope married Wyatt in Monte Carlo. Many viewers never liked Hope better than when she reached out her hand to Wyatt and jumped into the sea to symbolize their 'leap of faith'. What should happen now? Vote in Soaps.com's B&B Poll: What should Liam do next?

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- Candace Young