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Rehash, repeat... (CBS)

But about Hope... (CBS)

"The Bold And The Beautiful" for the week of August 4 - 8:

It was a busy week as Forrester Creations took business and romance to Paris, and Quinn was back to her old tricks. The downside was that everyone and their conversations and actions were focused on Hope. It's just too much. Thoughts:

Harness the momentum.
The powers that be at Forrester Creations were running things by the seat of their pants as per usual this week. Wyatt, whom one would think would be more or less on probation at this point, managed to engineer an entire press conference and fashion campaign overseas based solely on his desire to win Hope back with a diamond. It's worth noting that there is no concrete explanation as to why this diamond is regarded as being so exceptionally transformational for the Hope For The Future line aside from vague references to it being 'magical'. Okie doke. It's also interesting that when the diamond was in FC's possession previously, an entire storyline was built around the need for it to be protected by top of the line security (aka, Charlie), yet now it's casually transported by pocket without so much as a single rent-a-cop in sight. In related news, it was fantastic to see no-nonsense Felicia doing her thing at Forrester International. Would love to see her kicking ass and taking names regularly. How do you feel? Vote in Soaps.com's B&B Poll: Should Felicia return full-time?

Ridge the recluse?
Ridge must be stashed away in Katie's bedroom trying to design dresses. He only came out long enough to endorse Wyatt's genius and crush Oliver's Parisian dreams this week.

Her heart won't lie.
Deacon kissed Brooke and told her he was trying to get through to her the only way he knew how. Too funny. Of course his seduction or whatever he had in mind was interrupted by the big news that Hope had accepted the diamond. Deacon seemed pleased - thought maybe Hope was a chip off the ol' block. Ah, Deacon is a pretty valuable gem himself.

Meet me in Paris.
Hope and Liam repeatedly rehashing her accepting the diamond was headache-inducing, so it was a relief when she finally set up a meeting time in Paris and told him to be there or be single.

Bet Ivy was happy to get that work permit so she could talk about Hope for the entire flight over the Atlantic Ocean and then center on all things Hope once in Paris. Good times.

Ally rally.
Why is it that all Ally can talk about is Hope, or Hope and Liam? As discussed in last week's Breakdown, Ally’s obsession with Hope is unappealing. It's just insane that she's supposed to be enjoying romantic time with Oliver and regardless of what he says or does she finds a way to tie it back to Hope. Can't stand this! I wish something realistic would happen - like Ally being more interested in her own life, or Oliver telling her to shut the hell up about Hope. Gah!

Low profile?
Um...if Wyatt wants nothing to do with his mother, and wants her to stay out of his life and away from Liam, why is he giving her regular freaking updates? It's almost like he wants Quinn to interfere...right? You almost can't blame her for following Liam to Paris, stealing a motorbike, and pushing Ivy off a bridge...

For avid Hope fans, the montage of her posing in numerous gowns must have been heaven. The Parisian scenery was something to see, and it was very cute to see Darin Brooks' (Wyatt) fiancee, Kelly Kruger with him in the scenes as a publicist, but for many, the biggest appeal this on location storyline holds as far as the triangle is the possibility that it might finally come to an end there. With Liam being torn between 'saving' avid swimmer, Ivy, and making it to the tower on time, who knows if Hope will wind up with him or Wyatt. Quinn may have another trick up her sleeve to help decide the matter as well.

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- Candace Young