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"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of July 28 - August 1:

"B&B" gave us lots of drama and conflict leading up to the Monte Carlo and Paris remotes next week. Thoughts:

Empty meaningless words.
Well, it seems like everyone from Ridge to Deacon to Katie has Bill's number - he's not really sorry he dumped Ridge in the drink, he's just sorry he got caught. Regardless, Bill kept trying to finesse his way back into Brooke's good graces. Some believe Bill needs to grovel (at the very least), and others are turned off by Bill begging and subscribe more to Alison's viewpoint - that Bill should walk away and see if Brooke comes crawling back. Hmm.

Poison Ivy?
Ivy clearly has an agenda, but has been very subtle about it so far. Her forthright manner is definitely refreshing. It remains to be seen if she will pursue her own ends in similar ways to Steffy, or if she'll be an entirely different sort of brunette schemer.

Can they please have Ally move on from her obsession with Hope, now that she's dating and has a life of her own? Not only is it creepy, but it makes it that much more difficult to justify Oliver being involved with her. Sure she gazes at him adoringly, but if the rest of the time she's snooping, glaring, lecturing, and generally being uptight and judge-y, where's the appeal?

No more gossip.
Early in the week Liam told Wyatt snidely, "You'll always have your jewelry." Well that remark came back to bite him in the ass a little bit. Wyatt offered Hope the diamond and despite Liam's histrionics and even an ultimatum, she accepted it and refused to give it back. Wyatt may have been playing the last card he had at his disposal by gifting Hope with the bauble, but the irony is that it wouldn't have gotten him anywhere if Liam hadn't reacted the way he did. It seems Hope and Liam need to sit down and write out a list of rules they each have to follow to be in a relationship - on a couple mega-rolls of paper towels. The specifics regarding Steffy and Wyatt alone would be mind-boggling.

Down that dark path.
So, Quinn is back after a remarkably short time in treatment. But was she really in a facility? As Hollie noted in last week's blog, something about how Quinn left for the loony bin was unsettling. As it turns out, she may actually have been in Mexico murdering Ricardo and doctoring up his will. Yike.

Deserves a shot?
The best of the week was Deacon and Bill going head-to-head at Brooke's house...oh the insults and one-liners were delicious. Most have learned to stop trying to figure out why all the men want Brooke, but add Deacon to the list because apparently that's why he came back. That kiss was the icing on the cake of some seriously snappy scenes. So how will Brooke choose? Should she try to get back with rugged and romantic Ridge, give dark and dangerous Bill another chance, or rekindle the smoking-hot attraction she once shared with devastating Deacon? Decisions, decisions. Let us know what you think by voting in Soaps.com's B&B Poll: Brooke's Men.

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- Candace Young