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"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of July 14 - 18:

Things moved right along this week, and we barely missed Quinn. No one else seemed to either. Thoughts on this week's storylines:

Blind trust.
So maybe Wyatt doesn’t know too much about Deacon’s past and is perhaps a little shell-shocked after his mom’s sudden departure. And maybe he’s even looking to get in good with Hope’s daddy, but why would he ever show someone he doesn’t trust implicitly the Hope diamond, just chilling in a box at his apartment? Ricardo never let the diamond leave his sight without at least two security guards, and impressed over and over on Wyatt how security was essential. This can’t end well.

Brother buddies.
Well that was fast. Liam is still hobbling around on crutches and already offered the main rival for Hope’s heart a job working closely with her on a daily basis, not to mention a spot standing up for him as best man in their wedding. Okay. Regardless, if everyone can get past the awkwardness that the bride has slept with the groom’s brother and best man, Liam and Wyatt actually make a cute, brotherly couple. It’s just as entertaining watching them bond instead of spar, and this pairing has the potential of providing years of tension and back and forth for the new wave of Spencers and Logans. As for the upcoming problems sure to arise, let’s hope Aussie Ivy turns this stagnant triangle into a scintillating square. Like Candi noted last week, this new girl has potential.

Mean Maya.
Maya’s turnaround is just mind-boggling. Much like when Caroline acted like a crazed harpy to get Rick back, Maya’s recent selfishness and greed doesn’t even come close to resembling the scared and broken girl who initially pushed Rick away because of his wealth. Is it Rick who inspires this behavior? For someone who has been so staid and straight-laced lately, he sure does inspire female hysteria. And while it’s easy to feel a bit bad for Carter, let’s not forget he actively pursued Maya in order to steal her away from Rick in the first place. Player just got played.

Old-school romance.
Romantic gesture of the month goes to Oliver, who with a single carnation trumped any of Ridge and Bill’s typical bully tactics to win the girl. Ally is one lucky lady and this is a couple to root for. And Darla’s head, all decked out in medieval gear, was the perfect touch of humor that keeps "B&B" from turning into something all too serious, like what’s happening over in Genoa City. Pam’s obsession with the knights and love of turkey legs helps too. In fact, Charlie and Pam keep plugging right along about as cute as can be, and if anyone should be planning a wedding, it’s them. Could a proposal be in the offing? If you’d like to see them tie the knot over some of the other couples getting more air time, vote in Soaps.com’s B&B Poll: Who should get married next?

Clash of the titans.
Ridge putting the pieces about the accident together has been incredibly tedious, what with the incessant flashbacks to the Spencer logo and Justin’s profile, and over and over Ridge falling out of the copter. We got it, and finally Ridge did too. His accusations are set to blow Bill and Brooke’s little love bubble to bits. As for Ridge’s missing "gift?" It wouldn’t be the same show without his constant scribbling, so that will have to be sorted out. Still it appears we could get a new couple out of this debacle in Alison and Justin, though I’ll reserve judgment on whether to get behind them once we see where Ridge’s attack leads.

No Donna or Eric this week, a couple of characters it would be nice to see more of. Still, there was a good mix of people on screen each day, which made it seem like a real ensemble instead of just many supporting players lifting up a core few. More diversity is more entertaining.

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- Hollie Deese