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"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of March 24 - 28:

It was another solid week for "B&B" even though the stuff with Ally began wearing a bit thin. Things ended on a strong note with Brooke showing up in Bill's bedroom at an inopportune time. Thoughts:

Get rid of the filth.
Ally's drama has definitely been established as a source of controversy among viewers. Those who are anti-Wyatt and Quinn support her efforts to oust them from Forrester and Hope's life, and those who think Wyatt and Quinn make things interesting are fed up with her shenanigans. Of course there are also those who find her behavior grating and feel she's just plain nuts. You would think the scary stalker-style shrine to Hope that is her bedroom, and the advice-dispensing floating head of her dead mother she admitted to conjuring up would have been good evidence for Thorne that she needs help. Go figure. For some, Ally's straight-laced opinions, crazy behavior, and aggressiveness have become too much. Wyatt and Quinn may be in oddly-elevated positions at Forrester considering they were hired to design jewelry, but Ally is supposed to be a shadow (and presumably silent), and her throwing around the Forrester name is kind of obnoxious. The whole Forrester Creations set-up is looking pretty unprofessional at this point. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who attends meetings or who has power. But getting back to Ally, she would be more watchable if she was dialed down a few notches. Even Pam is cautioning people about her - that pretty much says it all.

A little push.
Hope backing down from doing the lingerie line was an interesting choice. Her character has improved as she's embraced her sexuality. Something tells me Ally's outlook would be a whole lot different if she met a guy who made her feel like celebrating that side of herself. What did you think of Hope's decision? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our B&B Poll: Should Hope have done the lingerie line?

That man is me.
Well, Bill made some inroads with Brooke thanks to Rick. Despite her determination not to give in to Bill's advances, as soon as Rick gave her the thumbs up, she was off like a shot. Bill and Brooke would definitely stir things up as a couple, but they'll have to get over a bit of a speed bump first - Quinn. Friday's episode was a hoot with Liam hearing the crashing from upstairs, Quinn brandishing her tasseled crop, and Bill stashing her out of sight after Liam loudly announced, "Brooke is here!" Oh, this is gonna' be fun.

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- Candace Young