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"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of March 17 - 19:

"B&B" made the most of only airing three episodes this week, with Wednesday's being absolutely excellent. Thoughts:

No harm, no foul.
Ally picked up Monday where she left off Friday, storming around Eric's office ranting about evil and justice, and hissing at Wyatt. Clearly there is some sort of history behind her calling him Mr. Popular, probably to do with what happened to her at school. Eric was also cheesed off, having been left out of the loop at his own company, and who could blame him? Thankfully he took time afterward to speak to Ally about her over-the-top behavior - what is it with all the crazy people wanting to act like they're running the place? First Quinn, now Ally. It's also bizarre that Ridge has missed all of this drama, given that he also thinks he should be in charge. Anyway, Wyatt will likely get some sort of punishment now that Eric knows what went on, which is probably best so it's no longer hanging over him. Plus it will be one less thing for Liam to harp about.

Right and wrong.
Will the magical floating head of Darla be enough to temper Ally's bizarre off-the-rails behavior? That remains to be seen. Understanding what Ally's suffered through will probably allow her to be seen more sympathetically. For now, she's still just scary.

Truly done?
Donna seemed to be more upset about Katie getting with Ridge than she was about Brooke hooking up with Bill. Katie asked Donna some good questions, and Donna gave Katie some food for thought. Many wonder if Donna will ever find out that Brooke made a play for Eric and whether that would have her more firmly in Katie's corner. Could be interesting...

Fixing it.
Ridge obviously felt so bad about leaving Brooke for Katie, you could just feel the conflicting emotions swirling around him, and yet he very firmly told her it was done. Refreshingly, when he arrived at Katie's place, he admitted Brooke had got to him, instead of telling her everything was great and then making the 'somewhat doubtful and conflicted' face over her shoulder when they embraced.

Salt in her tears.
Well, Brooke clearly expected Bill to be far more shocked about Katie and Ridge than he was. Being the one-track mind sort of guy Bill is he wasted little thought on the new pairing and went directly on to telling Brooke this was a gift - now they could be together without her guilt having to get in the way. Ironically, like Bill, Brooke also has a one-track mind that wants what she's being told she can't have.

Live in the moment.
Katie and Ridge's lovemaking scenes were romantically sexy. It's very much a contrast to the type of relationship he shared with Brooke. I giggled when Ridge said, "I'm not the same guy who went to Paris." No, no you're not. Hehe.

Of course it's eyebrow-raising for Bill to be teaming up with anyone, let alone 'Ricky', however, their scenes actually drew me in to the idea of them conspiring together. It was a nice touch to have Bill admit Brooke's condition scared him too. Once again an indicator that there might be more going on here than Bill just wanting to win the prize. What do you think of these two working together? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our B&B Poll: Should Rick and Bill team up? Vote!

Boozy Brooke.
Wow! The scenes with Brooke slurring and crying her heart out to Stephanie's portrait while Ridge made love to Katie were very powerful. Not only was the drunkenness very believable, but the scenes managed to cut straight to Brooke's vulnerabilities. Emmy-worthy.

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- Candace Young