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Not pulling punches. (CBS)

Cray cray! (CBS)

"The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of March 10 - 14:

Wow, there were some very tense moments that had viewers riveted to their screens on "B&B" this week. Thoughts:

Katie's coming out.
Well, Brooke just couldn't understand why Katie had such an issue with her and Bill. Methinks she has a little perspective now that the shoe is on the other foot. Brooke was outraged that not only did Katie have the audacity to fall for her ex-husband, but she also has the nerve to think she might be able to satisfy him in bed. Brooke sure didn't pull any punches in that department. Brooke gets downright mean when things don't go her way! Katie stood her ground, but now it looks like she'll have to contend with Donna too.

Katie by Forrester.
Oh man, can you imagine Brooke's response to Ridge designing a line inspired by Katie? Yike.

I want you here.
It was no surprise that Brooke made a play to get Ridge back on Friday's episode. Between the band-aid dress and the trophy how could he say no, right? Hmm.

Put the phone down.
Wow, Ally is totally off her rocker! All this spying and talk about Liam being a 'saint' and Wyatt being the 'devil' is just creepy scary time! Unfortunately, the ranting got to be way too much. When she was freaking out in Eric's office on Friday, I just wanted to end her. Yep. Would have paid Quinn to take her back out on that bridge and finish the job. Clearly the poor girl is completely delusional. Doesn't she understand that everything changed with Hope and her freaking message back in the days of the Steffy and Liam triangle? Ally's issues with Wyatt are bizarre. Sure he may be a smidge too smug and his cocky publicity stunt came back to bite him in the butt, but he has done wonders for Hope. She's actually become bearable since she's been in an adult sexual relationship with him and no longer behaving like a giggling bobblehead on the Liam-go-round. The last thing we want is to revisit Triangle Land, so Rick was right - Ally needs to just dial it down. Seriously though, what a hysterical scene with poor clueless Eric trying to referee, be indignant, and dive across the room to stop Ally from calling the cops. So good. This storyline is chock full of controversy and viewers have varying opinions. Are you Team Ally or Team Wyatt and Quinn? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our B&B Poll: Team Ally or Team Wyatt and Quinn?

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- Candace Young