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Weird and scary. (CBS)

Brooke's amused. (CBS)

A look at The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of March 3 - 7:

The big stories again this week were Ally, and the Katie/Ridge bombshell. Was hoping for a Quinn/Bill scene, but no dice... Thoughts:

Raunchy and vulgar.
Ally's opinion on Wyatt certainly wasn't popular in Paris. Brooke, having seen Hope through her frigid stage, made it plain to Ally that she was all for Wyatt and Hope joining the Mile High Club as consenting adults. Hope, although more patient than many of us would have been, also shut Ally down after she appeared in the bedroom while they were having sex. Though Ally thinks Hope is verging on raunchy and vulgar, she is nonetheless more adult than we've ever seen her, which has been a relief. Ally, meanwhile, has become downright creepy and weird, and just a little scary. Who lets themselves into someone's hotel room and then proceeds to open a closed bedroom door when they hear giggling? It's not like Hope was screaming for help... There's no denying it was funny seeing her set Wyatt's head on fire on her phone - much like the time Liam saw Hope's head floating in his drink, it was so bad it was good. That said, there are a few issues with this storyline, such as, why would Thorne be covering up the truth about his daughter and putting people at risk? Also, this 'new' Ally doesn't at all jive with the girl who first arrived at Forrester Creations, saw Hope kissing both Liam and Wyatt, and was enthralled and envious. How do they explain that? In any case, the character has swerved and we're along for the ride. A darker Ally returned to Forrester Creations in Los Angeles, where her concerns about Wyatt (and Quinn) found a better reception from Pam, who was more than eager to dish on the Fullers. Things can only escalate from here.

I love you.
They have very much gone the romantic route with Katie and Ridge, having the poetry, walks in the park, slow dancing, and long, lingering gazes take precedence over passion. It will be interesting to see if the chemistry will carry over into the bedroom.

A terrible thing.
It was good that Hope second-guessed herself about interfering in the Katie/Ridge/Brooke scenario - very realistic. Although we can understand her reasoning, she's going to have a lot to answer for to her mother.

Did he let you down easy?
It was an interesting choice to have Brooke react to Katie's revelation with condescension. No doubt it was by design, to make it more difficult for viewers to have sympathy for Brooke under the circumstances. There is a great deal of debate about whether Katie is doing the same thing to Brooke that she did to her, but I think Brooke's utter disbelief that Ridge could be seriously interested in Katie brought it back to her ego, which is at the root of the matter. Many feel this is Brooke's long-deserved comeuppance because she has always seemed to exhibit a sense of entitlement when she sets her sights on a man - any other woman who loves him should just step aside for Brooke's 'destiny'. This is about more than what transpired between Brooke and Bill, it's about Brooke's track record. Many feel that Katie and Ridge will be short-lived anyway, and Brooke will win him back. Others hope Brooke will discover that Bill is a better fit for her than Ridge ever was. Where do you stand? Vote in Soaps.com's B&B Poll: What should Brooke do?

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- Candace Young