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Jackie wears Mark Zunino. (

Bridget advises Steffy in Arden B. (

We’re back with more of your fashion questions answered by B&B’s Emmy Award winning costume designer Birgit Muller. Plus there’s a couple questions answered from other sources!

It’s not a wardrobe question, but Teresa L. asked: Could you tell me what kind of gas logs are in the fireplace on the set of Brooke's living room?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s set decorator, Elsa Zamparelli responded: No idea, they have been there a long time. But you can get good gas logs at any reputable fireplace store and see the different configurations of flames and decide which one is best for the person's particular fireplace. Hopefully this answers the question.

On with the fashion!

Mary G: I want to know who the designer is for the Black Blouse that Steffy wore on The Bold and the Beautiful dated 1/23/09?

A: Zara

Frances V: I would really like to know about the top and skirt that Katie Logan was wearing on the January 26th episode. Black top, black and white skirt. Much appreciated if you can tell me!

A: Top: Club Monaco, skirt: Marciano.

Nancy B: The dress that the character Jackie was wearing on Wednesday, January 28th (as well as days prior) is just beautiful. Can you tell me the designer, and where to get it? My daughter is getting married in August 2009, and it would be absolutely perfect for me. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

A: Marciano.

Phyllis S: Katie was wearing a black sleeveless dress. It came up to her neck in the front. The back came down really low. The show was aired sometime the second week of Dec. I think. It was a party for Brooke and Ridge. Please help!! I want that dress for an event!

A: The answer can be found in a previous wardrobe article here.

Patricia F: Felicia wore a beautiful white high collar slim cut sleeveless blouse. I always have adored that cut please help a friend and committed fan. Thank you.


Sheryl M: I have got to know where Jackie got her white sweater that she wore on January 29th, 2009.....please let me know!

A: Custom made by Mark Zunino.

Dawn C & Sarah S: Where can I find Taylor's outfit (ribbed dress and long cardigan) she wore on the February 6th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful?

A: Victoria Secret Catalogue.

Flo W: There is always such beautiful jewelry on the show is there anywhere we can buy copies!

A: I purchase it anywhere from Downtown LA to Vintage Stores, ARDEN B, MARCIANO and FOREVER 21.

Paula B & Sandra C:
Where can Katie’s white ruffled blouse from 2/11 be purchased?


Anne N & Susan W would like to know more about the knit, sleeveless turtleneck that Bridget wore on the 2/13 show.

A: It is by ARDEN B, but it is from last year’s collection not in the stores now.

Dianne S: I really liked the white sleeveless blouse with ruffles that Brooke had on the 2/17 airdate. Is it possible to find out the designer?

A: It is actually a dress by Ralph Lauren.

Wyntyr D: I wanted to ask about the absolutely stunning dress and earrings that Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) wore on the show (2/18). I have to really credit the people that choose the fashions that these actresses wear on the show. I wish that B&B would actually design dresses and apparel for the public to buy. But, I would really appreciate knowing the designer of Jackie's dress and earrings.

A: The dress was custom made by Mark Zunino and the earrings are from the California Mart downtown LA.

Susan B: I loved the dress that Jackie wore in the 2/20 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Any info on the designer or make or how to purchase it would be appreciated. Love the dress and love the show. A fan since 1987.

A: It was custom made by Mark Zunino.

For another fun fashion tidbit,’s General Hospital writer, Julie Robinson attended the 2009 Soap Cruise and learned a little behind the scenes fashion secret from Lesli Kay (Felicia). In a Q&A session, Lesli gave kudos to the show's wardrobe department and said that since they are a fashion-based show they did spend a lot on clothes. However, they don't spend much on shoes at all. She told fans to check out the shoes and note that she'll wear a pair one day that Brooke wears the next. They are both size 7.5. Sometimes they even bring their own shoes to wear.

So next time you watch, keep an eye out for the shoes to see if you can catch any duplicates!

If you have any wardrobe related questions, feel free to contact us with a description and the date it was worn and will pass them on to Birgit to answer!