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B&B Breakdown Week of February 16!

So the big story this week on B&B was Rick joining the Army. At first I thought this was ridiculous. I mean, has Rick ever mentioned his desire to serve his country before? And in that split second that Steffy told him to get his act together he immediately thinks of becoming a military man? Why wouldn’t he just go work for Jackie M and prove himself as a fashion/businessman? Or volunteer somewhere, or just find a hobby he really enjoys? It all seemed pretty absurd until Thursday.

First of all, Rick goes to get his orders acting all arrogant like, “I made my own clothes because I’m in fashion” and “Can I upgrade my coach plane tickets to business class?” This made me think he was trying to rub people the wrong way, although I’m sure they would still take him anyway. But then when he talked with the doctor his facial expressions made me think that he was counting on being rejected due to medical history, just like Ridge said. That Ridge is one smart cookie! Or is Rick the smart one by preying on everyone’s fears by ‘joining’ the Army?

I don’t know how realistic the portrayal of Rick enlisting was. I mean would it really go that fast and would he be rejected because he was recently paralyzed? The physical part seems like a reasonable enough reason to not get accepted, but does anyone have any input into how signing up for the military actually works? I know it’s a soap and we have to take it with the grain of salt, but I kept thinking about whether or not this was realistic.

I do have to point out that I think the show took great pains to make sure they weren’t mocking the military and made sure all the characters involved commented on how honorable it was to be in the service. I almost believed Rick was actually committed to fighting for his county until he learned (or manipulated) his fate.

Of course after Rick was rejected, he and Ridge got into it yet again and Ridge was left dangling from the roof. Why can’t these people learn from the past? Last week it was a high-speed car chase, this week it’s the rooftop. If I was in a car accident that killed someone or fell off a roof after a fight, I would stay clear of ever driving or standing on rooftops again!

The other big story was Katie and Nick’s non-wedding. I’m not really sure why Jackie is all of a sudden so against Katie. She knew Katie did all these things before, so why is she now so against her? If you have any thoughts on this please fill me in. I wonder if they’ve abandoned the Bridget/Owen pairing since they are having Bridget interact with Nick so much again. Or maybe this is just a way to finally let Bridget deal with the pain caused by Nick and Katie hooking up? I hope that’s it, but I’ll tell you one thing, even though Nick declared he wanted to marry Katie, it certainly seemed like it was the last thing on Earth he wanted to do. Is this the end for Katie and Nick, or will they stay together? It remains to be seen, but keep an eye on the spoilers for clues.

So those are my thoughts on this week. How about you? Please feel free to comment or clue me in on what I’m confused about. I love reading your comments!

- Lori Wilson