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B&B Breakdown for the week of February 9.

This week blew the lid off of Rick and Steffy’s secret romance and the fallout was a mixture of good soap and unintentional humor.

I say unintentional humor, because as serious as they tried to play Ridge’s immediate reaction to finding out Rick was romancing the only daughter he has left, it was pure comedy. Rick again looked like a little boy whose hand was caught in the cookie jar running around Brooke’s living room, while Ridge frantically tried to kill him, as Brooke feebly attempted to stop him. Then they all took to their cars and engaged in a high-speed chase. We’re talking about Rick, who was driving the car that inadvertently killed Phoebe who was Ridge’s daughter. Sure, of course Ridge is going to chase Rick, while Steffy is in the backseat of Rick’s car, putting her life in danger by causing Rick to drive erratically. Makes complete sense.

As least the rest of the week made up for all that nonsense and Eric forcing Brooke to choose between her son and her husband was classic soapy goodness. All their past dramas and traumas came to the surface, culminating in the only choice Brooke could make, which was to side with Ridge and oust her son from the family business. The end of the week also had Ridge going back to being more restrained in his fury, which (in my opinion) is where Ronn Moss’ strengths lie.

Aside from the silliness of the car chase, my biggest issue with the story is that Rick constantly acts like a child. Brooke even told Ridge he was like a kid again pleading for his job. I suppose this is intentional to drive home the point that he was failed by his parents, but it’s hard to take him seriously. I prefer to see him stand his ground against Ridge (like he did on Friday when he told Ridge he would never be able to rid him from Steffy’s heart) instead of running away from him like he’s afraid he’s going to get a spanking. He’s an adult who wants to be taken seriously, so he should act like one.

At least Rick has one ally in Donna who thankfully acknowledged that she knows what it's like to be in a relationship that no one approves of. Go Aunt Donna! Although I have to admit, my memory had to be refreshed by a message board poster that Donna is Marcus’ mother and should be a little more concerned that Steffy just broke her son’s heart by choosing to be with Rick. So thank you for reminding me that Marcus does in fact still exist and that Donna has a son, because we haven’t seen him in so long I completely forgot about him.

Aside from the Rick drama, the Katie/Nick/Bridget issue was briefly addressed and it’s clear Jackie is unhappy with Katie and is doing her part to get Bridget and Nick back together. As I stated last week, I hope this doesn’t happen and that the story goes in a different direction, but I totally understand that Katie is worried about Bridget and Nick working together. However, I don’t think she had any right to act so high and mighty with Bridget. Katie is one the who essentially stole Bridget’s man, not the other way around.

While the drama and angst has for the most part been well done, I am ready for all the tears to stop and to see a little more levity in the lives of these Angelenos. Let’s dust off Pam and her wackiness, let’s see Owen romance Bridget and let’s trot Clarke out for some snarky and snappy one-liners, because I think the Forresters and the Logans could use a little break from all the angst and heartbreak. I know this viewer could!

So, those are my thoughts on the week’s events, what are yours? Please feel free to agree or disagree with me below and I’ll be back next Friday with more commentary on B&B.

- Lori Wilson