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"You might find out he has some skeletons in his closet."

Who doesn’t love a bad boy? Darin Brooks’ character Wyatt has been causing quite a stir since Hope first spied his bare bottom in Big Bear. In that moment he went from being just another guy with a sword necklace to a long-lost Spencer heir – and in competition with his own brother for Hope’s (Kim Matula) heart. Brooks took the time to chat with about his return to Daytime, his character’s persistence with Hope, and his sibling rivalry with Liam (Scott Clifton). How did you come to be on "B&B?"

Brooks: Well, it kind of came out of the blue. When "Blue Mountain State," the comedy I did for Spike TV, was canceled after three seasons, I was auditioning for pilots and things like that. Back in May I got a call from my manager saying that "The Bold and the Beautiful" wanted to test me. I said, "Okay, that sounds cool. What’s the character about?" They said Wyatt was kind of a bad boy, and they were still figuring out all of the details. But it was the next week. Usually there is 6-10 pages of dialogue to be learned, and I was like "Oh my goodness, back to the soap world." I had to turn that back on. I went in on a Wednesday and screen tested with Kim Matula, and she was fantastic. So gracious and so sweet and welcoming. And super funny. And when I was sitting in the waiting room, Lindsay Godfrey came in and they jumped around, back and forth, so happy, and I’m like, "I can work with this." I joked around with them a bit, and I loved them, loved my test. They called me back on Friday to test opposite Scott, and Scott was awesome too. We talked about the scene, and about putting all these different layers into it. So we went in and they ultimately loved it. They wanted me on the show – and I started the next Wednesday. And I was like, "All right. Let’s do this." You’ve done a lot of different projects since we last saw you on Daytime. How does it feel to be back?

Brooks: I have done a lot of comedy, which is very fun. I love comedy and I always try to find places to put it into soaps, and into drama too, because I think it makes a more well-rounded character. But I had to jump right back into the swing of things and build up that memorization muscle. And meeting new people and starting a new family. Because whenever you are on any kind of TV show it becomes a family because you spend so much time together. It’s been great because everyone has been so welcoming. Brad [Bell] is just the sweetest, sweetest guy and he has just been so giving and welcoming. We talked about the character one time and just dove right into it. How does it feel getting in between the Hope and Liam characters?

Brooks: When Brad and I were originally talking about the character, we knew he was going to be this bad sort of guy. But there is never really bad guys, they just have issues. So we would talk about the character, and I referenced Jack Nicholson. I think with everything he does, there is always this need for love and relationships that he puts into all of his characters, even in "The Departed" where he is a bad guy. He’s a mob boss who kills people, but you just love him. He is just so fun to watch. So I just try to keep that as a part of his character because Wyatt has certain things he won’t put up with and certain things that he will put up with. I think when he saw Hope he just fell in love with her and then found out she had a boyfriend. And then I find out that it’s my brother, and I have a father and this character just gets thrown right into it. How have the fans reacted? They are very passionate about Liam and Hope, pro and con.

Brooks: Well, we did a fan event a couple of weeks ago, a signing at The Grove, and fans came out from everywhere. The common consensus I have seen so far is that people like Wyatt. They wanted someone to come in and shake things up from being too nice. I think people are really digging on how this character knows what he wants and he has fun doing it. He enjoys getting in the middle of things. He reacts first and thinks later and I think people are liking it. Do you think Wyatt had issues growing up without a father? Does Bill (Don Diamont) bring any out in him now?

Brooks: I think Bill brought it out in him. Growing up without a father, Wyatt has always kind of had to take care of his mother. He had to be the father figure and take care of the household and do his thing and grow up fast. He had to learn how to do things for himself. And then when he finds out he really does have a father after he has been told the story that he died, it kind of made him wonder and question things. And when he finds out that it’s Bill, a billionaire while Wyatt has had to struggle with his mom in the jewelry business and other things that have happened, he just starts questioning things. And when his mother confessed to him that Bill gave her money to get rid of him, that hurt. That doesn’t paint a good picture in his mind of Bill, and if Quinn (Rena Sofer) had gone through with that I wouldn’t be here. I think there were a lot of things that went through this character’s mind early on when he started getting thrown in the mix of all this stuff. His whole world just got turned upside down. Does this make him feel stronger about his mother? I know he was upset at first, but now that some time has passed does he understand why Quinn did it?

Brooks: He will always love his mom and he knows his mom was just trying to protect him and keep him from being hurt. Because she knew if he did find out about his father he would be royally disappointed and rightfully so. Bill’s not a bad guy, just sometimes he makes bad decisions. Again, there are no bad guys, just people with issues who make choices that probably aren’t the best. But I think he does appreciate what his mother did for him, trying to protect him. Because of all those raw emotions he just lashed out at her at first. But now he trusts his mom even more. Does Wyatt see any similarities between himself and Bill? Do you welcome those similarities?

Brooks: I think he did at first, because it was new and fun and exciting, and the world was at his fingertips because he didn’t have to worry about money anymore. Wyatt does see some similarities, but I don’t think he will ever fully admit them until he understands more about Bill and his past. He probably won’t admit those similarities until further down the road when the two characters become closer, or not closer, as he discovers himself even more. What kind of relationship does he see with Liam? He really seems to love to push his buttons.

Brooks: Scott and I always talk about this whenever we have readings, because we really enjoy that these characters have become sort of two opposite people. Liam is the type of guy who does things by the book. He’s the nice guy. He does things that look good on paper and that’s what he’s about. He’s got his morals and his integrities and that’s great. And then Wyatt has his own strengths and morals and integrities and what he believes in. And he feels like he is not going to do something just to appease somebody. He’s going to do what he wants because he wants to get it. He’s always had to work hard for everything so he is going to go after it.

Wyatt sees himself as the brother who could potentially teach Liam to be a little bit more like a Spencer. To be a little more out there and unapologetic and just go after what he wants, as opposed to just going, "Alright, it is what it is." And we kind of agree on that because Scott also wants his character to kind of have a little bit more strength and not be so much of a pushover. So when Wyatt does push his buttons, it’s more out of love in some aspects. He wants to teach his brother to be stronger so that he can have a worthy adversary. You can then have the fun challenge of trying to overcome another guy just to win the girl. It is fun for him, but it also brings the two brothers closer as he teaches Liam about life, and taking the bull by the horns, and how to be a stronger person. Ultimately Hope will appreciate him more, but also Wyatt wants to appreciate him. He wants to feel like he has a brother who can compete. Wyatt seems so sure that Hope is into him. Why?

Brooks: He’s that type of guy. He’s got a confidence and a bravado. He knows what he wants, and he knows he’s going to go after it. He believes that if you are good at something, why not show it and just put it all out there? Don’t pull any punches and don’t keep secrets. Wyatt just goes for it and is unapologetic about that. And that’s an admiring quality, and sort of an attractive quality. If one guy is like, "I guess I’m good at that," and the other guy is like, "I’m great at that, but you’ll just have to wait and see," who would be more attractive to you? Somebody who has that bravado and confidence. What are some aspects of Wyatt’s character that we have yet to see?

Brooks: There is so much more to come because we don’t really know a lot about Wyatt yet. We haven’t seen or heard anything about him, so who knows? Brad is really great at opening up the rest of the story later on. He throws this character in there and Wyatt starts telling you a little bit about himself and showing you a little bit about himself, but there is this whole past that we could explore. You might find out he has some skeletons in his closet. He is not proud of them, but he is trying to either hide them or get past them or forget about them. And you don’t know much about Quinn either. There’s a lot of story there too. I think we’re going to find out more about why Wyatt does what he does through some of the backstory that might come up, and the potential backstory that hopefully Brad and the writers will dabble with. And we’ll just go from there. Does Wyatt want Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to come back to town?

Brooks: Wyatt is one-track minded. When he is in love with a woman, he is all for it. He will fight tooth and nail to get that until there’s nowhere else to go. There was a great episode last week with a great cat and mouse game between Scott and I. Wyatt is laying out to Liam how he would never do to Hope what Liam did. He says to him - and it’s the one point we really tried to hit home - when Wyatt said, "I do. When I hear those words I’ll back off." But until then, it’s game on brother until she finally commits to you. Because that’s a line I won’t cross. Wyatt has certain stipulations about how far he will go, and he will certainly die trying. What does he think about Quinn getting close to Eric (John McCook)?

Brooks: I think he enjoys seeing his mother happy and going after someone too. I think that is a similarity between Wyatt and Quinn. When they want something, they go after it. He’s happy that she’s happy, and he’s happy that he gets to see her get into something with a potential future. And he looks up to Eric as well from the brief couple of meetings that they’ve had. He thinks he’d be a great father figure, someone to bounce things off of. He respects Eric so I think he’s happy for his mom. Anything you want the fans to know before we go?

Brooks: It’s only the beginning. There is so much more that we can learn about this character, and so much from his past. There is so much more fun that you can expect to see him having with his relationships and how he deals with things. Just be prepared, because you never know when we’re going to throw you a curveball.

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