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Getting her man. (CBS)

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"B&B" Breakdown for the week of August 26 - 30:

There was lots of drama again this week on "B&B," with the focus remaining on several storylines and a variety of characters. Love this!

Licking their wounds.
It was so disappointing that they made Thomas and Thorne look like Dumb and Dumber. The fashion show still made for some solid viewing, even though the outcome was no surprise thanks to the many teasers that come out ahead of time. Regardless, there were some good moments of tension, and it's always a kick seeing Pam trying to make things better with her lemon bars.

Dirty little secret.
It was surprising that Rick jumped into bed with Caroline so easily as he hasn't even seemed turned on by her in recent weeks. Despite Maya's dirty little secret hurting his pride, Rick should have had a bit more loyalty. Caroline's self-congratulatory air when Maya arrived the morning after was bang on. One couldn't help but feel for Maya at first, but by the time she was in Rick's office doorway pouting and giving those long exaggerated looks she gives, I was pretty much over it. She shouldn't have kissed creepy Carter in the first place. Caroline and Rick were pretty cute cuddled up on Friday's episode, but I'm hoping this situation doesn't deteriorate into weeks of longing looks from Rick and Maya as they half-heartedly romance Caroline and Carter. That would be predictable and boring.

Shacked up.
Bill and Brooke's announcement to Hope and Liam that they are moving forward together didn't go over exactly as they'd hoped. I actually enjoyed Hope speaking her mind, although she had forgiven Brooke for sleeping with Bill previously. Liam needs to grow a pair. He just accepted everything without a peep. Later, at Spencer, I loved Katie telling Brooke it's gross that she's shacked up with her sister's husband! Real talk! This is a soap, and Brooke is Brooke, but even she should have the decency to stop trying to force herself on Katie, and pushing her to accept her and Bill together. So...insensitive and unsavory.

Foaming at the mouth.
Katie dished the dirt on Bill to Wyatt, who, despite kissing his half-brother's sister in his own house several times, is now the defender of all that is moral and right. One has to giggle. As for the Wyatt and Bill clash, it was divine. Bill versus Mini-Bill. Wyatt gave as good as he got and made a lot of solid points. Not that logic matters to Bill, which makes it all the more fun to watch them go at it. I'm looking forward to seeing this rivalry go deep and play out; all this familial conflict and taking sides makes for lots of big drama. Here's hoping Liam and Hope end up on opposite sides of the issue as well. What do you think of the Wyatt and Bill bust-up? Vote:

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