B&B's Lesli Kay on The Ghost Whisperer! (Updated) image

Lesli on the Soap Cruise (Soaps.com)

Updated February 12, 2009

Soaps.com has just learned that Lesli Kay’s appearance on “The Ghost Whisperer” will only be for one episode airing on May 1.

Lesli plays an actor on the fictional soap opera “Hope’s Edge” that will tape scenes in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character’s antiques store. The ghost of a former "Hope's Edge" actor will play an important role in the story.

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Originally posted January 28, 2009

Lesli Kay (Felicia, B&B) is set to appear on the series, “The Ghost Whisperer” for a handful of episodes in a big story arc. Since B&B and “The Ghost Whisperer” are both CBS shows, the network will reportedly accommodate her schedules.

Lesli apparently learned she landed the role just before boarding the Soap Cruise this past weekend. For all the details on the cruise, check out Soaps.com’s blog on the event.

There are no other details on Lesli’s role at this time, but stay tuned!