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Telling truths. (CBS)

Off my husband! (CBS)

"B&B" Breakdown
Week of March 18 - 20:

"B&B" is on a roll with the newer storyline incorporating Forrester Creations and more characters. Points to ponder:

Attention junkie.
Man oh man, Brooke donning her lingerie again sure opened up a gold mine for the writers in terms of insults and one-liners! Brooke usurping Thomas' rather dry presentation was pretty entertaining, although I did feel for him because he's very earnest about his vision.

Reach out and take it.
Simpering, lingerie-clad Caroline is admittedly more interesting as a character than her former good-girl self, but what a radical personality re-vamp! While she may have more potential as a bad girl, she may want to tone down the vapid sulking and whining - so annoying.

Lingerie and champers with your sister's husband whom you have feelings for, call Stallion, and have already kissed? Is this okay? Let know what you think by voting in our B&B Celebration Time poll.

Back the hell off my husband.
With Donna and Taylor both warning Katie about the possible implications of Brooke running around in her underwear under Bill's nose, it seems a light finally went on and just like that she was back in fighting form. The Katie versus Brooke scenes were the most entertaining of the week - so intense and outrageous, with Brooke trying to tell Katie how to treat her own husband and Katie coming back at her, guns blazing. Even is Brooke's right, it's so typically nerve-y of her. Delicious. It's also a good bet that Taylor's prediction will turn out to be true despite everyone she talks to about Brooke and Bill accusing her of being off her rocker. Of course she's disproportionately concerned with Brooke's business...but it's also true she knows her enemy.

Maya rules.
Dayzee's reaction to Maya's story about Rick was unexpected - making it a condition of Maya keeping the apartment that she stay away from Rick? It seemed a little extreme given that Rick and Caroline are dating, not married, and that it was mainly Rick's idea to take Maya out around town. A different side of Dayzee...

We were robbed...
So utterly over Hope going on about Liam and being robbed! You couldn't live with him turning to Steffy so quickly each time something wasn't right - and that wasn't changed by the revelation that Bill brought Deacon to Italy or that Rick lied. Move on.

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- Candace Young