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Honey? (CBS)

Sign from above? (CBS)

"B&B" Breakdown
Week of January 21 - 25:

Taylor was a presence this week, Katie let Brooke take the reins in her love life, the triangle continued, Dayzee met someone from her past, and it was open season on Eric.

Things are different now.
Are they? Taylor made the rounds on Steffy's behalf this week, very nearly giving her secret away more than once. Taylor's position on wanting Hope to respect Steffy's relationship is realistic, but also pretty ironic, given that mere months ago Brooke was delivering the exact same speech to her when the tables were turned. Just a hint of why we're so sick of this repetitious storyline. Bringing Taylor and Brooke's ongoing rivalry into it gives me a headache. Why do they keep attacking and blaming each other? The man is at the center of it all, and keeps it going by flip-flopping and being receptive to advances made by the woman he isn't in a relationship with at the time. The other woman can only cause problems if he allows it...

We deserve this time.
Every time there was a scene with Liam and Hope canoodling, I had to ask myself what the hell he was doing. He lives with Steffy right now. Both girls should dump him. If he was ready for a real commitment, he would have said a definitive 'no' to spending time with Hope despite the 'lies and deceit' being revealed, and remained steadfast in his feelings for Steffy. Do you think it's realistic for Liam and Hope to spend time together while Steffy's away? Vote in's B&B Spending Time poll.

I want my baby!
Why is Dayzee's past as an adoption facilitator such a big secret that she doesn't even want her husband to know? She was helping these women like Maya, right? It also seems totally out-of-character for Dayzee to want to keep a secret about anything she did - she's always been an honest, open book. Waiting for the blanks to be filled in on this one...

What's next?
Does anyone else find all the dramatics surrounding Bill downing a shot of scotch a bit much? Especially given all of the things Katie's forgiven him for in the past that were far worse, not to mention the fact that she has never before so much as mentioned or appeared to even notice his drinking. If they wanted to drive a wedge between Katie and Bill so Brooke could have a turn with him, they could have come up with something a little more substantial. Also, having Brooke take charge of Katie and Bill's romantic life is weird given how close they became when Katie was out of the picture. All the better to make more 'stallion' references...

It's raining women.
Well, Eric had his hands full on Friday's show, what with Donna and Pam competing for his attention and Taylor showing up later. Realistically, I don't think Pam could stand a chance next to Donna and her honey...just saying. As for Taylor, it was rather insensitive to go over to Eric's and rant about Stephanie like she did. Stephanie's portrait falling down was cute - like a sign from above!

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- Candace Young