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"B&B" Breakdown
Week of January 14 - 18:

The triangle continued to dominate, however there were other storylines going on as well, which was much-appreciated. Some points on the week:

Honey, I'm home...
Whether Steffy had the moment coming to her or not, finding out she was pregnant and rushing home to see Liam entwined with Hope on the bed was awful. It's like he couldn't even wait for her plane to take-off before he was canoodling. Sure he put a stop to it eventually, but not before he had indulged himself. Ugh.

As the triangle tortures...
"We were cheated," "We were robbed," "We were deceived..." Pass the Tylenol! Some of the other characters have been making a point of letting us know, through their dialogue, that Hope has matured. Strange, because she's still doing a darn good impression of a self-absorbed, foot-stomping child demanding her own way, and throwing Steffy's clothes around Liam's pad wasn't very grown-up behavior. It's back to being all about her message, her line, and her vision of how it all should be. Hope's so caught up in her me-me-me mania, she hasn't even stopped to consider that Liam's feelings for Steffy, who actually has matured, may have now surpassed what he felt for her. Liam, despite his preposterous declaration to Brooke that he is decisive, is still as wishy-washy as they come...

Forrester fashion face-off.
Many were anticipating the Forrester Creations fashion competition, but were disappointed by how abbreviated the whole thing turned out to be. Eric may as well not have bothered - it seemed a forgone conclusion that he'd choose Rick. I'm not sure what Thomas could have done with his designs to change the outcome. I hope they renew the focus on the company and the fashion shows - and even revive a competing fashion house!

My miracle.
Eric finally breaking down and mourning Stephanie was something I'd been waiting to see for a while. So heartbreaking! He didn't always appreciate her in life and it was amazing to hear him acknowledge that too instead of sugar-coating. It's probably safe to assume that Eric is ready to move forward now...

On a vacation.
Wow! Katie is certainly no shrinking violet. I wouldn't be messing with Dollar Bill's single malt scotch. Anyway, it was no surprise that he went running to Brooke. I expect that Katie taking the hard line with him is the beginning of what will lead to the breakdown of their relationship so that Brooke, who as evidenced by her advice to Katie on Friday, understands Bill so well, will be able to realize her next destiny. What do you think of Katie suddenly taking a hard line with Bill? Let us know by voting in's B&B Katie’s Hard Line poll.

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- Candace Young