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Trading one baby for another.

In this week's Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1999/2000 when Becky Moore realized Rick and Amber's son, Little Eric, was hers…

One of the most memorable baby switches in "B&B" history surrounds Amber Moore. She grew intimate with Rick Forrester, after working for Brooke as his babysitter, and ended up pregnant. At the time, Amber had also slept with her close friend Raymond and worried the baby could be his. Not wanting Rick to be present during the birth, in case her baby was biracial, Amber went to 'visit her mother' Tawny in Death Valley.

Amber went into labor while there and delivered but her child was stillborn. It was Tawny who relayed that Amber's cousin Becky had given birth the same night (Deacon Sharpe was the father) and had planned to give her baby up. Unknown to Becky, Tawny convinced Amber to take Becky's baby back to Rick and claim him as her own. However, down the road, Becky realized that Amber's baby (Little Eric) was really hers (known today as Little D).

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- Amy Mistretta