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A whole lot of vodka.

In this week's Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2003 when Thomas Forrester ended up in the hospital after drinking a bottle of vodka…

Before Thomas Forrester (then played by Patrick Dorn now by Adam Gregory) grew up to be a fashion designer he led a life full of turmoil and interfamily drama. Not only was he born in a car, delivered by his Uncle Thorne, and first passed off as Thorne's son during Taylor's pregnancy, Thomas was at the end of a bitter threat doled out to Stephanie by Shelia Carter. Shelia wanted Stephanie to stay away from James Warwick. She snuck into Thomas' nursery and took a lock of his hair to prove that she could get to Thomas - and kill Stephanie's grandson - if the other woman didn't heed her warning.

Thomas may have been too young to remember Shelia's previous actions, but he suffered dearly by the supposed death of Taylor - at the hands of Shelia. After Ridge remarried Brooke, she and her daughter Bridget, who Thomas looked up to, were there for him when Taylor couldn't be. However, Thomas heard something that led him straight to the liquor cabinet where he downed a bottle of vodka and ended up in the emergency room.

Do you remember why Thomas downed the vodka? Vote your knowledge in our poll…

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- Amy Mistretta