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Sleeping with her daughter's husband.

In this week's Throwback Thursday takes readers back to June 14, 2002 when Bridget Forrester learned her husband at the time, Deacon Sharpe, had an affair with her mother Brooke...

Bridget Forrester (then played by Jennifer Finnigan) always had relationship issues, due to examples of those in her family. When she met a much older Deacon Sharpe, she fell head over heels and married him at a very young age. It was soon after that Bridget learned Deacon had married her simply as a way to get to Amber Moore. Bridget confronted Deacon, which led to her storming off and ending up in critical condition due to a car accident. It was then Deacon realized he truly had feelings for Bridget.

Though Bridget tried to make her marriage work, Brooke didn’t think Deacon was good enough for her daughter. Brooke's meddling in their marriage led to something unexpected - an affair with her daughter's husband, which resulted in a pregnancy (Hope). Deacon and Brooke's secret was exposed to Bridget and she ultimately ended her marriage for good.

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- Amy Mistretta